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You are looking for convincing content and support for your communication?

Whether it is digital or analogue, B2B or B2C - the story behind a product, a service, a company decides upon success or failure. In line with our claim "We make your story - a success" we tell the stories of our clients. Exciting, focused and addressed to the target audience.

To make this happen, we accompany our clients along the entire way: In the beginning is strategic consulting, which determines the next steps. Then we move on to content creation, where we prepare your stories for various formats. Whether this is a press release, social media campaign, podcast or print ad depends on the goals defined beforehand. After the content distribution via the respective channels, an important step follows: the evaluation.

Because only when our clients are satisfied and achieve their goals, we will be satisfied.

Our expertise: Furnishing industry & Co.

Since its foundation, GOOS COMMUNICATION has had one focus: the majority of our clients are located within the furnishing industry. We know our way around the furniture, kitchen, architecture, interior design, but also food and technology sectors. With our industry-specific know-how, we are a perfect sparring partner for the specialised supplier company. In addition to tailored B2B communication, we also address the end customer.

We are, however, also active in other areas: Our employees have experience in sustainability, fashion, design and sport, among other things. We love challenges and are quick to learn the strings of new areas. We understand medium-sized businesses and are strong in making international companies known in the D/A/CH market.

Our clients

"Do good and talk about it" is the title of the almost 50 year old book by Georg-Volkmar Graf Zedtwitz-Arnim. In order to make this "title" a reality, you need good partners who know their craft. With GOOS COMMUNICATION we have found one of these good partners.

Elko Beeg, CEO, Sachsenküchen (DE)

If there is one word to describe GOOS COMMUNICATION: versatility. They are forward thinkers, perfectionists, strategists, analysts, verbal artists, customer understanders.

Sven-Michael Funck, CEO, Schock (DE)

For me they are the perfect sparring partner for the further development of our Möbelmeile trade fair guide and our communication. A very pleasant, enriching and beautiful cooperation. Great people.

Michael Laukötter, CEO, Möbelmeile (DE)

GOOS COMMUNICATION is characterised by reliability and commitment. Trust and the joy of joint success are the hallmarks of cooperation.

Andreas Marosch, Head of Marketing & Communications, GRASS (AT)

Loyalty, reliability and fair prices are the basis of our good, long-term cooperation. We know and trust each other - that gives a good feeling on both sides.

Frank Peter Koch, Head of Marketing, Hailo-Werk (DE)

With GOOS COMMUNICATION, we benefit from inspiring advice, creative copywriters and many exceptional concepts.

Marko Steinmeier, CEO, KüchenTreff (DE)

Medium-sized companies in the furniture industry often underestimate the importance of PR. GOOS COMMUNICATION is characterised by its ability to identify potential in this area.

Elmar Duffner, CEO, Vivonio Furniture GmbH (DE)

GOOS COMMUNICATION is characterised by good and competent advice, readable and comprehensible articles and a continuous dialogue with the key media of our industry.

Monze Rouwé, Walter Clausen (DE)

Over the years, the cooperation with GOOS COMMUNICATION has developed into a friendship that inspires us again and again in our joint projects. We appreciate both the professionalism and the contacts of the agency very much and feel that we are well looked after.

Christof Babinsky, CEO, ASB GlassFloor (DE)

Our Team

Team Strategy Communication Vision

GOOS COMMUNICATION was founded in 2003 by Florian Goos. In May 2023, Kirk Mangels joined as managing partner. The operational management of GOOS COMMUNICATION has been in the hands of Yvonne Deters for many years:

In addition to the management trio, the team of GOOS COMMUNICATION consists of a dedicated and specialised expert of over 40 people from the areas of key account consulting, PR consultant, text and content creation, social media, media planning and handling, editing, translation, creation & layout, website and newsletter design & programming, finance & taxes, IT support.

Team more than 40

Our values

Goos Communication Florian Goos

We advise our clients on breaking new ground and accompany them on their way

As a service provider, you can be an executive body. Or, like us, you can be a creative partner who accompanies the strategy from the very beginning in dialogue with the client, and together we take the path to a successful and goal-oriented future. Our claim is to be a sparring partner and dialogue partner at eye level in the areas of market, trend or communication.

Florian Goos, Executive board
Goos Communication Yvonne Deters

We are the communication experts for the German-speaking market for international clients

Anyone from abroad who wants to gain a foothold in the German-speaking furniture market faces two challenges. On the one hand, the systematics of the complex local furniture market must be understood, and on the other hand, sound knowledge of communication behaviour and the national media landscape is required. We have specialised in precisely this, combining expertise in the above-mentioned areas and thus providing international companies with the decisive added value for a successful market entry and expansion.

Yvonne Deters, Executive board
Goos Communication Birgit Ehrlich

We work in order to live

Work and life are not mutually exclusive, but should ideally complement each other. That's why we place great emphasis on flexibility and personal development. Because one thing is very important to us: Enough time and space for a balance besides work - and not just late in the evening or at the weekend!

Birgit Ehrlich, Management assistant

We listen: Every idea is worth listening to

It is often said: Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Especially in communication, this sentence must be lived. Joint exchange is essential to avoid getting stuck in one's own mental hamster wheel and regurgitating the same ideas over and over again. After all, the best concepts emerge from the crazy ideas around the corner. We want to hear them all!

Julia Nikschick, Senior PR-Consultant & Key Account Manager
Goos Communication Martin Schaefer

We praise each other when possible and criticise each other when necessary

Peace, joy, happiness - that should be the normal state of affairs in the GOOS COMMUNICATION community. And that's what it is most of the time. In these moments, we all praise each other to the skies, because there is hardly anything to complain about and we are all masters of our trade in the team. If something doesn't go quite right, we are open to talk about it. Of course, with the necessary respect and in a tone that is not offensive. Mistakes happen and they become less frequent when we talk about them. That's what we do - just as anyone who wants to build a relationship that is not made of castles in the air should do.

Martin Schaefer, Senior Expert Text

We offer freedom and support for development

In our 12-member team, different characters as well as different wishes and goals come together. We want to develop further - as a team and each of us personally. To ensure this, each of us is given space and opportunities to try things out, gain experience and broaden our own horizons.

Merle Koch, Junior Key Account Manager
Goos Communication Stefanie Krüger

We pool global industry knowledge and share it with our clients

From the very beginning, our focus has been on the interior design industry. We have decades of expertise in the areas of furniture, kitchens, architecture and interiors and use this know-how for our clients: both in our daily business, B2B and B2C communication for our clients, and in our regular newsletters. In them, customers, partners and all interested parties get exciting insights and industry-specific impulses as well as insights into our favourite industry.

Stefanie Krüger, Senior PR-Consultant & Key Account Manager
Goos Communication Susanne Jung

We are content experts and successfully tell our clients' stories

We love stories! And we believe that every company writes its own exciting stories. By finding and telling them, we can make complex contexts understandable in a vivid way, convey clear messages and create an individual brand identity that stays in the memory.

Susanne Jung, Senior PR-Consultant & Key Account Manager
Goos Communication Teresa Lang

We have a strong network and make this available to our customers

Together we are stronger! This applies to private life as well as to the working world. That is why we are proud and happy to have a large number of competent partners at our side who reliably complement and support us and also our customers. Because in the end, we all benefit from this!

Teresa Lang, Junior Key Account Manager
Goos Communication Vivien Scharwat

We advise our clients honestly and critically

With our expertise and many years of experience in the field of communication, we are the ideal sparring partner for our clients. We give honest feedback, question common procedures, structures and suggestions and engage in an open exchange.

Vivien Scharwat, Junior Key Account & Social Media Expert
Goos Communication Yvonne Deters

We are courageous - and we learn from mistakes

Don't talk for long - just do it.Those who try new things and go down new paths have the greatest chance of success and innovation. To do this, we have to leave our comfort zone once in a while and have the courage to try things out. Of course, mistakes can happen. The important thing is that we learn from our mistakes. And what helps better than good and open communication?

Yvonne Deters, Executive board

We communicate goals and tasks clearly

With us, everyone knows what needs to be done, which is the only way we can work successfully as a team. An open exchange not only improves the dynamics in the team, but also the result for our customers. A real win:win situation.

Julia Nikschick, Senior PR-Consultant & Key Account Manager
Goos Communication Martin Schaefer

We treat each other with respect

A value that should actually explain itself: As with Aretha Franklin and her huge hit, "RESPECT" is written in capital letters with us. We can have different opinions and even argue sometimes, but we still respect each other and treat each other with the appreciation that makes cooperation pleasant and possible at eye level.

Martin Schaefer, Senior Expert Text