2020 Technologies GmbH introduces Ideal Spaces Essentials

Ideal Spaces Essentials is the newest member of the Ideal Spaces product family with a focus on helping business find, nurture and qualify new customers. Ideal Spaces Essentials is a standardized omnichannel tool for smaller retailers and manufacturers, with a new and attractive pricing model which allows business to see immediate return on investment.

Ideal Spaces Essentials

2020 Ideal Spaces Essentials offered the same inspirational and advanced design capabilities of the "Enterprise" edition, as used today by many retailers and manufacturers around the world. It offers a more affordable solution using a 2020 standardized catalog or a specific catalog developed by one or more leading manufacturers. One of the key benefits of Ideal Spaces Essentials is its fast deployment since it can be easily deployed within a few weeks.

2020 Ideal Spaces Essentials is a cloud-based 3D space planning solution that provides an industry platform enabling omnichannel retail for consumers, home centers, retailers and manufacturers. It improves the consumer onboarding experience through every step of the buying journey, from inspiration to qualification to space planning to booking an appointment (online and in-store), resulting in higher qualified leads and conversions.

The new product offers a simple but powerful set of 3D manual design tools for space planning to bring your customer’s vision to life, and an "AutoDesign" capability so visitors can design a kitchen in a matter of minutes with little design knowledge, and see the result in 3D with high quality rendering. Design revisions, photos and discussions can be shared with friends or designers and referenced anytime, anywhere, with fast and uninterrupted access to move the project along through every step of the retail cycle.

More information can be gathered at the inside seller days at our virtual showroom.

About 2020 Technologies GMBH

2020 Technologies GmbH, based in Osnabrück, is part of the 2020 company, which was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Westwood, Massachusetts, USA. 2020 employs over 800 people, has direct operations in 11 countries, and supports customers in many more locations around the world through a network of value-added resellers. 2020 is the only company in the world that provides an online planning experience for consumers, design applications for professional designers, omnichannel point-of-sale for retailers, and factory management solutions for manufacturers. They are uniquely positioned to help companies embrace the digital transformation needed to meet the ever-changing landscape of the consumer buying habits. For more information, visit our website www.2020spaces.com.

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