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GOOS COMMUNICATION launches new website

More than just a company website: Communication agency GOOS COMMUNICATION's new website focuses on two key aspects: it not only illustrates the agency's spectrum of services, but also offers a key added value to its customers – and the website users. A content hub offers detailed information about the companies with a focus on the areas of home and interiors. It is a central element of the website. Journalists as well as anyone else interested can learn more about the latest or specific interior furnishing issues and interesting industry players; the comprehensive information is presented in an easy to follow way. In the medium term, the agency intends to also make its content hub available to other businesses, and not only to the companies that regularly use its services, in order to become the furnishing industry's internationally leading content provider.

GOOS COMMUNICATION Florian Goos and Yvonne Deters

We make your story – a success! This claim says everything you need to know about the services provided by the agency GOOS COMMUNICATION, which specialises in the international furnishing industry. The new, recently launched website focuses on exactly how the Hamburg-based creatives do this and which stories their customers have to tell. "Over the past few years, we have evolved from a classic PR agency into a communication agency that handles the changes in the media landscape with a high level of digital expertise – a fact now also underlined by the new website," explains GOOS COMMUNICATION management team member Yvonne Deters. This development and the resulting service portfolio are now also illustrated in an easy to follow and succinct way on The four pillars of services offered by GOOS COMMUNICATION form a circle that starts with the strategic advice it offers to its clients; the contents are then devised and created on the basis of this and communicated via the respectively most effective channel. The circle closes with the subsequent evaluation, which in turn provides the basis for new campaign ideas.

Content hub: the new information interface between businesses and users

Whilst the illustration of its services is a standard agency website feature, the next sections go far beyond this. With its content hub, GOOS COMMUNICATION has created a new, unique interface between businesses and users on the new website. Media representatives, as well as anyone else interested, such as industry experts or end customers, can specifically find the information they need about the businesses here, starting with basic facts about a company, which are presented in a way that is similar to Wikipedia, including the company logo and photos of the management. This is followed by a list of who to contact, and the latest press releases including high resolution images, e-documents and videos. The in-house database makes it possible to research businesses according to name, subjects or simply key words. In future, this unique service may also be on offer beyond the agency's own customer base: "We also want to open up our content hub to businesses and brands that do not currently use our agency's services," says CEO and owner Florian Goos. "In doing so, we intend to become the furnishing industry's internationally leading content provider that presents up-to-date information aimed at all kinds of media representatives in an easy to follow and expert way." The content hub is the first step in this direction and is already used on a daily basis by journalists, bloggers or influencers.

"We have created a new, content-driven website that is tailor-made for the interests of the various users," says Florian Goos. "All of the contents can be found quickly, and you can run specific searches. On the basis of their interests, users are led directly to the areas that are relevant to them; at no point do they feel overwhelmed by too much information. We have also considered our international visitors: on each page, you can easily choose between German and English."

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