ASB Architectural launches first ever all-glass hot tub

Bathing fun as a revolutionary design statement

December 2021. An entirely new hot tub experience is provided by the Bavarian company ASB Architectural: with “ASB Nautilus”, the first hot tub made entirely of glass is now being launched on the market. Another highlight: the LED lights in the pool floor, which turn the hot tub into an individually and spectacularly designable object.

ASB Nautilus 4

The idea for this new hot tub did not come about by chance: “hot tubs are expensive”, says Christof Babinsy, Managing Director at ASB. “And still there are hardly any models that meet upmarket design requirements. Either they feature too much plastic or the hot tub needs to be set into the floor. This is where we saw a gap in the market.”

The result of the ensuing considerations at ASB is called “Nautilus”. It is the first hot tub made entirely of glass, which thus blends harmoniously and unobtrusively into its surroundings during the day. From dusk onwards, however, it can become the protagonist at the touch of a button.

The experience gained from various ASB products was incorporated into the development of this model: in cooperation with the Marseille-based company POOLOOP, ASB developed the first fully multimedia capable LED swimming pool floor “21h40”. “For this, I wanted a booth made of the glass floor and four glass walls”, says Christof Babinsky. “The result then looked so good that it became a product of its own.”

Set up time? Less than an hour!

As is typical for ASB, with “Nautilus” the company not only delivers an uncompromising design object - they also considered service and installation: Nautilus can be assembled in less than an hour. The hot tub is brought by truck with forklift, set down at its designated space and adjusted. Steps, a cover, a powerful heating unit, as well as the filter system are included. All of this is so convenient to start up that the hot tub can be fully used after eight hours. The elements are controlled via app. Another advantage: unlike plastic versions, the four glass sides made of safety glass always remain clear and are easy to clean.

Nautilus is available in three versions: the basic version is equipped with a five-centimetre-wide LED rail under the floor. This way, strong colour accents can be set. The second version features an illuminated floor all over - which emphasises the colour effects even more impressively. And in the third version, your very own content can be shown via multimedia floor. “Family pictures, underwater shots - whatever you feel like. The content can be easily controlled via app,” says Christof Babinsky, who decided on the claim “Feel the surreal” for the market launch, because: “Such a fascinating experience adds completely new aspects to our reality.”

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