ASB DigitalWallpaper: Experiencing spaces

Multifunctional Spatial Design through high-tech

ASB first presented their DigitalWallpaper at the Frame Awards in Amsterdam this February. By means of LED technology, the walls display various themes. This development by ASB Architectural offers architects and designers entirely new possibilities in terms of staging spaces and inspiring its occupiers to interact.

ASB Glassfloor 2020 PM Digital Wallpaper Living Room

The “Genius Loci”, the spirit of a location, plays an important role in design: next to the measurable characteristics of spaces, modern architecture also looks at the atmosphere and aura of a room. Another component to this is introduced by a fairly young discipline within the field of Spatial Design: the occupier of a space. The perception of reality takes places individually. Whoever wants to reach the occupier or encourage them to interact must create an emotional spatial experience. This spatial experience is what Spatial Design does by means of bringing interdisciplinary techniques together and looking at a space as a whole.

A topic for which ASB GlassFloor is predestined: “We noticed how much use LED technology can have, and not just in the world of sports. We therefore transferred this knowledge and technical know-how to other areas like art and architecture”, says Christof Babinsky, Managing Director of ASB GlassFloor. “The DigitalWallpaper is our latest innovation in this field and a perfect tool to make space become alive.”

Sense of space changes every 3 minutes

The ASB DigitalWallpaper is a perfect example for Spatial Design. Thanks to high definition LED technology, the wall can display any scene. The spatial setting changes without the use of paint or moving furniture around. Instead, digital patterns, photos or films are displayed on the wall – anything is possible and can be viewed at a 180° angle. This opens up a whole array of application possibilities: “I imagine a pop-up restaurant that is located in a different city every night. One evening you are sitting underneath the Eiffel tower in Paris, the next you are at the Californian coast. And all the while the restaurant stays at exactly the same place of course”, says Christof Babinsky. “There is a number of different possibilities in entertainment, but not only there. Imagine a pop-up store at the airport that changes every week, entirely without redecorating, because this is an interactive commercial space.”

Making the office friendlier

Working environments can be made more pleasant, too. The office adapts to various themes. Or information is shown on the DigitalWallpaper. “When the employees leave for home, you could for instance show the current weather conditions. Then they can choose to take their umbrella if it is raining, or leave it if the sun is shining.”

Creating atmosphere, animating to interact with space and environment – that is the innovative offer that ASB provides with its DigitalWallpaper. “Spaces adapt while viewing them, people are brought together through digital games. Be it in museums, in galleries or art exhibitions, but also in shopping malls, train stations and airports, whether as an advertising tool or creative artefact: the range of possible uses is huge. We integrate LED, architecturally valuable hardware and also provide content for specific projects. This way we can support from concept to realization as a one-stop-partner.”

With the DigitalWallpaper, Christof Babinsky and his team have created an application that provides planners, architects, designers, artists or businesses und advertisers with a tool that gives creativity a gigantic amount of space. Now this space can be filled: “We welcome every project, no matter how demanding. Together with our customers we realise anything that can be achieved by means of technology.”

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