Baumann Group - Well-prepared into the new season

This is how the baumann group improves the service package

Everything is different this year. What remains are strong partnerships. Early this year, the kitchen family already announced the biannual rhythm in product development for the brands BAUFORMAT and burger to relieve pressure on dealers in the Corona crisis. Still, it will not get boring. With a comprehensive service package the baumann group takes the load off partners, putting its shoulder to the wheel both in the analogous and the digital field. Eight highlights shape co-operations in the next season.


Managing Director Matthias Berens says: “We have done well over the past months and look ahead optimistically. Suspending our product development for kitchens does not equal stagnation. On the contrary. So much has happened in the baumann group and we want to send a signal to our partners that we are here! Not just with new ideas and great products, but also for each other, with many years of experience and full power applied. In a family we look after each other! And this is why there is a lot to shout about this autumn.”

1. TreeTime now as a standard

The sustainable TreeTime genuine wood fronts are leaving their exclusive niche to become a regular feature in the BAUFORMAT product guide. There they are in good company: AMSTERDAM (ceramic), BILBAO (slate) and ENIGMA (manually lacquered glass) already provide a high degree of individualisation. So it seems a must to also include wood veneers with character. TreeTime comes in no less than six naturally textured fronts, with six colours each. That comes to 36 additional planning options for sophisticated kitchen design.

2. Gorenje is back

For 70 years Gorenje has been standing for premium design and great comfort. Now the popular appliance brand is back with the baumann group. The kitchen family is delighted to continue a long-time co-operation and offer clients a broad range of innovative, easy-to-use appliances that fit in perfectly with every kitchen.

3. New appliances from BURG

There are three new high-end appliances for own brand BURG. All of them offer great value for money and a convincing range of practical extras: Up to four meals can be prepared in the energy saving oven at the same time thanks to the Heat Wrap feature - without the odours mixing. When opening the door, the patented Hot Air Shield prevents hot air from escaping by diverting it downwards. VAP Clean offers cleaning comfort. With the French-Door-Fridge in Side-by-Side-Design all segments can be opened separately. Apart from storage space in abundance the appliance also has a vacuum sealer. This way, groceries remain fresh for longer. Both the fridge and the new dishwasher are equipped with ion technology, which reduces germs and gets rid of unpleasant smells. In the dishwasher bacteria growth is also contained via an antibacterial filter and the UV-function CrystalLight.

4. Even more attractive bathroom offering

For more than 20 years the badea brand has been relying on synergy effects and combined competence in furniture making. This year the portfolio has undergone a complete makeover. Never before have the bathrooms been so attractive. For the first time, photo series have been taken of homely bathroom settings. New sales brochures, among them a photo catalogue with comprehensive information for bathroom design, are buying incentives and continue to be added to. A new website is in progress.
BAUFORMAT Bad has also evolved. The concept enables kitchen dealers to also offer bathroom furniture and thus increase turnover with little planning effort. It was launched last autumn with five pre-configured sets in three decors. Meanwhile, there are 40 sets, with 21 front and 16 carcase decors. In addition, there is an increased selection of washstands and handles. Thus, the kitchen family is really well-prepared for bathroom design, a highly topical area.

5. Environmental certificates with signal effect

Labels, too, are important in the sales process. They encourage the customers’ confidence in products and brands. Environmental protection and sustainability have particular significance – also in the baumann group’s self-understanding. Already now the company is certified as climate-neutral. From 1 January 2021 the Blaue Engel (“Blue Angel”) will be added, the certificate issued by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, awarded for products and services that are particularly environmentally friendly. Founded in 1978, the label is widely known and accepted.

6. The baumann academy gears up

Since Alexander Wengerowski took over as Training Manager a year ago, the seminar programme for kitchen retail partners has been continually expanded. Demand is high, feedback is positive, the learning atmosphere familiar. By now, the concept has a new name: baumann academy. This year, e-learning has been added. Online seminars had originally been planned for the beginning of 2022. Then the Corona crisis accelerated development. Now e-learning and workshops at Haus Beck, in Burg and at the new export training center in Burnley near Manchester take place side by side. However, learning will not only be rewarded with knowledge: Work is in progress on an awards programme for participants registering for multiple classes, giving them access to certificates and special events. From October the baumann academy will also have its own website, where trade partners will find information on the comprehensive portfolio and can register for seminars.

7. Pixelboxx replaces Mediacenter

Old login, new content: At the end of October, the Pixelboxx database can be found on the extranet with BAUFORMAT, burger and badea. It replaces the Mediacenter and makes it much easier for trade partners to access digital content. The new archive contains images of complete kitchen and bathroom settings along with details, pictures of appliances, handles and decors, videos, sales brochures as PDFs, Logos and much more. All contents are there at a glance and available for download. After all, well-structured storage space is really important! Pixelboxx will be launched in English and German.

8. Virtual tour of Haus Beck

The old knight’s estate conquers new technical dimensions: At the end of October a virtual tour of the house exhibition will be launched on the BAUFORMAT and burger websites, depicting the complete and newly refurbished site with all the baumann group’s brands. Enriched with information, provided for example via integrated videos or PDF files, each display can be explored. The tour is an inspiration to retailers as well as end customers and is available 24/7.

Speaking of tours:

Safety first! That is why this year there is no traditional house fair. From 18 to 25 September Haus Beck will be open none the less – without catering and with reduced staff. Visitors who would like to come by spontaneously are welcome to do so between 9am and 6pm and in compliance with the social distancing and hygiene rules. Please register at reception. Depending on turnout there might be waiting times. For those who would like to explore online during Küchenmeile A30, there are two options to get informed about the kitchen family has to offer: The baumann group is involved in the online fair organised by trendfairs. At visitors can schedule a trip to BAUFORMAT und burger.
The company also has a profile with the INSIDE Seller-Days ( The platform kicks off on 17 September with online events and will be available up until early October.

Welcome to the kitchen family

Partners of the baumann group benefit from over 100 years of experience in furniture making. The family enterprise, today in its third generation of management, has around 1,000 dedicated employees. Their competence is the basis of a four-brand-strategy: With burger and BAUFORMAT dealers tailor kitchens for newcomers, families and design lovers to their clients’ requirements. About 650 kitchens leave the factories in Löhne and Burg every day. BURG is the own brand for appliances with a convincing value-for-money ratio. Here, comfort meets state-of-the-art technology. For over 20 years, badea has been synonymous with individual bathroom design and synergy effects at the planning stage. Export partners in over 60 countries appreciate the baumann group’s furniture for its high quality ‘Made in Germany’. Dedication to specialist retailers and personal contacts make sure that dealers feel as right as rain in the familiar atmosphere cultivated by the corporate group.

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