Bretz: Moonraft

Fly me to the moon.

A place without restrictions; our imagination may run free and we may feel just easy. Nothing will keep us on the ground any longer. M O O N stands for the place of desire R A F T
resembles the feeling of floating



It’s been 50 years ago that the first man put his foot on the moon and this has inspired mankind ever since. The romantic image of the astronaut raises a desire of adventure, of feeling agile; and at the same time it raises a desire of being one with the universe, of dis- appearing into outer space. We live in a fast moving, fast-paced world, having to face
changes and new challenges just everywhere and every day. Thus, it is important to create places of tranquility for ourselves, places to enjoy the silence. Moonraft invites you to join the expedition into new dimensions. Moonraft takes you into a world of zero gravity. Get into a time warp, step back, and take a look at the world from outside space and time. Everything becomes relative this way. Time stands still and you may enjoy the silence. No matter what happens, you will feel safe and secure, like being aboard a spaceship.


Following this image of space flight and inspired by the atmosphere of the Space Age, we created a modular sofa combination, concisely shaped and with straight tubes that are joined together like air-filled sofa elements. Similar to ripples, looking like the texture of a space-suit. And these tubes let you feel safe and secure. Furthermore, we wanted to create an antipode to the usual “stiff” shape of a sofa. We wanted the tubes to have a cushion-like touch, a snuggling mattress that nestles to the sofa’s base. It’s the mattress that makes up the design and puts not only a face to the sofa, but also makes up to its uniquely soft and comfortable sitting experience.


Moonraft is a homage to craftmanship. Each tube consists of several handicrafted pockets, in which we embed our multi-layer ticks. Filled with a mixture of latex rods and small polyester fiber balls, the quilted tubes get their cushion-like style. The backside of each sofa is consistently designed like the front. Each upholstered tube gets crimped on its edges
(front, back, and visible sides) for a sustainable, voluminous fluffiness. And not only the cushion-like tubes inside the sofa, but also the fabric around the tubes gets crimped. This is a very complex sewing technique that requires a lot of skill and endurance.

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