Certified sustainable: REHAU Industries SE secures ISCC PLUS certification

Traceability throughout the supply chain

The RAUKANTEX evo edgeband is the first REHAU product for which the company uses polypropylene (PP) based on non-fossil primary raw materials. The polymer expert can now clearly prove this thanks to ISCC PLUS certification, which guarantees traceability throughout the entire value chain. RAUKANTEX evo – part of the sustainable RAUKANTEX eco.protect product range – is just one element of the holistic sustainability approach that REHAU has been pursuing for many years in the edgeband product segment.

The core material of RAUKANTEX evo is based on non-fossil primary raw materials. This means that where RAUKANTEX evo is processed in place of a conventional edge, mass balancing ensures that no additional crude oil is used for polymer production of the base material for this customer requirement. This is known as renewable feedstock, i.e. waste products from other industries. It also ensures that no valuable agricultural land is used, e.g. for cultivating crops that are specifically required for the production of polymers. As Daniel Elfe-Degel, Manager (Product Management) at REHAU Interior Solutions, explains: “To assure the source and the supply chain of raw materials used for RAUKANTEX evo and make them transparent for customers, we have obtained ISCC PLUS certification for the edgeband. We can now guarantee this using the mass balance procedure, from primary raw material through to our product.”

About ISCC PLUS certification

ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) is a global certification programme for the circular economy and bioeconomy. The aim is to make the source and flow of sustainable raw materials transparent and secure along the entire value chain, in line with the mass balance approach. Certification facilitates traceability throughout the supply chain. An ISCC PLUS certificate also enables companies to verify, among other things, that their manufacturing processes conform to ISCC sustainability requirements and do not promote deforestation or the loss of biological diversity.

Part of a long-term sustainability strategy

The sustainable RAUKANTEX evo and RAUKANTEX eco edgebands – the latter manufactured using 50 per cent post-industrial recycled material – belong to the sustainable RAUKANTEX eco.protect product range. They also form part of REHAU’s holistic sustainability strategy, which covers various segments along the value chain, from production and energy saving to employees through to purchasing and packaging. From the linear economy to the circular economy – that is the motto under which REHAU has been working for many years to transfer products and materials to a circular economy. With RAUKANTEX, the company’s sustainability approach includes using formulations that are free of harmful substances, ensuring maximum reprocessing and recycling of production and processing waste, and using 100% renewable energy sources for production at all European edgeband plants.

At the same time, REHAU consistently meets customers’ high expectations in terms of perfect design and outstanding processability and durability, i.e. perfect colour and decorative design matches, as well as exacting specifications and tolerances. The sustainable edgebands can thus be processed in the same way as conventional PP edgebands, possess the same quality characteristics – and match the surfaces of established RAUKANTEX product lines just as perfectly.

For full information on RAUKANTEX eco.protect, visit: www.rehau.com/eco-protect


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