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First, Corona came, then the home office. Only the appropriate office chair was missing – much to the chagrin of the back and the ability to concentrate. In the meantime, the concept of flexible home working has established itself. It will remain a relevant solution for many companies and employees. At least now, the question of the right equipment for the home arises. Dauphin offers holistic solutions for the home office – from ergonomic swivel chairs and height-adjustable tables to cozy storage solutions.

Trendoffice to-sync mit Husse und Nackenstütze

The perfect office chair should look good and, of course, fulfill its purpose – positively support the work process and protect your back. Many employees have experienced over the past few months that the home office and ergonomics are often difficult to reconcile. Instead of sitting on suitable office chairs in the improvised home office, many sit on four-legged chairs at the kitchen table – doing their backs no favors.

Nevertheless, the home office has now established itself. Many employees appreciate being able to work flexibly from home. What they miss, however, is the ergonomic equipment. A Forsa study, on behalf of the Industrial Association of Office and Working World (IBA), found out that 48% of those surveyed miss a good office chair in an improvised home office.

As a solution, the Dauphin HumanDesign Group has launched the „Work it:easy!“ campaign with their Trendofficce chair brand. This ensures that employers can provide their employees with a suitable ergonomic office swivel chair in the shortest possible time. The “to-strike comfort” office swivel chair can be delivered in just five to ten days. It is the first office chair to be granted the ComfurnacyHO+ seal for special home office suitability.

“The ComfurnacyHO+ seal supports office workers in finding the best office elements for the home office from among the masses on offer,” explains Prof. Stock-Homburg of the Leap In Time Lab, the work-life research center she founded, and that awards the Comfurnacy seal. “The 'to-strike comfort' from Trendoffice is convincing because it can be easily integrated into the living environment and positively supports work efficiency. In addition, it proved to be particularly back-friendly in the test”, she explains.

The new “to-swift“ brings even more flexibility to the rigid home office. The intuitive stand-up stool from Trendoffice in classic black or subtle white is the perfect alternative for those who want more exercise at home.

The “Trendoffice to-sync” swivel chair series, with its focus on ergonomics and urban design, also fits these needs. The “to-sync” models can be visually spiced up with colored covers and individually, ergonomically and functionally adapted to the home office requirements. To further enhance the product, matching lumbar pads, neck supports and clothes hangers are available. These chairs can be combined with height-adjustable desks or elegant storage solutions from the Bosse brand. The Dauphin HumanDesign Group currently also offers its customers specially designed complete sets for the home office.

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