Elica: The world leader celebrates its 50th anniversary

Nnew hoods with exceptional designs and maximum efficiency

Elica stands not only for efficient hoods and asp iration ho bs , but also and above all for unique design and has been doing it for 50 years! Founded in 1970 by Ermanno Casoli in Fabria no, Italy, the world leader in extractor hoods has been managed by his son Francesco Casoli since the late 1970s. Currently, more than 3,800 employees work for the Elica Group at seven international production sites and sales companies.


What makes Elica different from other manufacturers of hoods and asp iration ho bs ? Elica also produces its own ventilation motors and since 2005 these have been manufactured under the brand name Fime in its factories in Italy and Poland. " Where the logo says Elica, there is complete Elica inside ," says Jörg Bunde, Head of Elica Brands. "Starting with the design, through production and on to the engine. All injection moulded parts are also manufactured in house. Elica also distinguishes itself through its technical approval company EPL in Italy: EPL not only tests and approves all its own products internationally, but also approves washing machines for globalplayers such as Ikea, Whirlpool and Samsung. For the 2020 anniversary year, the renowned in house designer Fabrizio Crisà has d eveloped new models that once again reflect the full range of Elica's skills: starting with a new aspi ration hob , through three vertical hoods with which Elica is launching new over head hoods and other additions to the range.

Aspiration hob NikolaTesla Fit

In order to offer a spatially optimal and at the same time efficient solution, especially for small kitchens, designer Fabrizio Crisà devel oped the NikolaTesla Fit a spirati on hob . With its width of only 60 or 72 cm, the induction hob with integrated extractor fits into all conventional base units with a width of 60 cm, thus completing the NikolaTesla range of products he has developed. The shape of the rectangular inlet nozzle is designed to leave as much space as possible for any type of pot. In addition, the bridge function allows two zones to be linked together. The flap of the inflow opening can be tilted manually and is switched o n and re gulated via the slider.

  • Specia l feature: Due to its width of 60 or 72 cm, the NikolaTesla Fit hob is optimally suited for the most sold cabinets with a width of 60 cm
  • Dimensions: 60 or 72 cm wide
  • Material: ceramic glass in black
  • The NikolaTesla Fit can be installed flush or surface mounted
  • Available induct out and recycling version (the re cycling air kit consisting of two activated carbon filters including air ducts is required for this purpose)

Vertical hood Super Plat

Elica's Super Plat model is not just a household appliance, but a contemporary furnishing solution, especially for living rooms with an integrated kitchen. Thanks to its compact shape and elegant finish, it fits perfectly between wall units and also looks good solo on the wall. This hood makes use of Elica's Multi d Capture technology, thanks to which the suction surface is no longer concentrated in a specific area, but instead is vacuumed at the bottom, left and right of the front: In this way the hood reaches the m aximum l evel and can guarantee excellent results in air purification. Despite the high engine power, Super Plat remains silent and does not disturb even at maximum speed: Comfort Silence technology ensures a low noise level of maximum 57 dB. The built in dimmer provides pleasant working light or atmospheric lighting in the evening hours. In the future, Super Plat can be controlled via Alexa or the ElicaConnect app to switch the hood on or off, adjust the suction power and regulate the intensity of the lig ht. The connectivity also makes maintenance easier, as the cleaning and saturation status of the filters is constantly monitored and a new filter can be ordered with just a few clicks.

  • Special features: Very quiet and efficient vertical hood in minimalist design. The front panel can be lifted t hanks to gas pressure dampers invisible from the outside to facilitate access to the filters and therefore cleaning of the interior. Includes dimmer to adjust the lighting mood
  • Dimensions: 80 cm wide, only 25 cm deep (mounte d between 60 and 90 cm wall unit s, do not scratch them when opening)
  • Material: black or grey glass, with front grills made of alumin um in castiron finish
  • Available in duct out and recycling version

Vertical hood Plat

In the design of a vertical hood, reduced to a minimum, the function is not directly recognizable rather, Plat could also be a pure wall object in black or white glass. This makes the straight and compact form perfect for living spaces with a reduced design. Plat is also convincing from a technical point of vi ew: the Multi dcapture system extracts air from the bottom, left and right of the front, thus maximizing the effectiveness of reducing fumes and bad smells. Thanks to th e Comfort Silence Technology the engine is v ery quie t at maximum speed with 57 dB and convinces with low consumption.

  • Special features: Very quiet and efficient vertical hood in an extremely reduced design. The front panel can be lifted thanks to gas pressure dampers invisible from the outside to facilitate access to the filters and therefore cleaning of the interior
  • Dimensions: 55 or 80 cm wide, only 25 cm deep (mounted between 60 and 90 wall units, do not scratch them when opening)
  • Material : black or white glass framed by an elegant aluminum profile with titanium finish
  • Available induct out and recycling version

Vertical hood Aplomb

The name Aplomb is derived from the French: self confident, sovereign, calm. What does not sound like a description for an extractor hood, but it does show the design philosophy of this model: here the lightness of glass meets the hardness of steel, creating a straightforward, elegant design that can be integrated nonchalantly (to stay with the French) into today's living environments. The glass front skilfully conceals the multi dcapture technology, which captures fumes and bad smells from three sides for top performance. A switch off delay can be used so that the appliance does not switch off until 10, 15 or 20 minutes after cooking, dependin g on the activated suction speed, to ensure optimal air purification. The LED light band hidden on the underside of the appliance, which with its 3500 K provides the best visibility on the hob, and the touch controls placed on the front panel for maximum ease of use complete the clear look.

  • Special features: Very efficient vertical hood thanks to new motor. Unmistakable look that is lower in price than the Super Plat and Plat models. The glass allows a quick and easy
  • cleaning of the front. To access the filters, simply lift the cover and lock it in place so you can change the carbon filter and remove the grease filter to clean it in the dishwasher
  • Dimensions: 60 or 90 cm wide
  • Material: black or white glass front with steel st rip
  • Available induct out an d recycling version

Design hood Bloom und Bloom S

In modern spaces, where the boundaries between living and kitchen merge, the trend is towards minimalist appliance shapes. The new Bloom and Bloom S headroom hoods, which are characterized by refined finishes and a clear design, are a perfect match. The trigger area remains concealed as long as the movable visor is closed. It can be opened with a simple movement of the hand so that the steam can also be sucked in at the top an important advan tage whe n used over an induction hob. This is because normally the steam condenses easily on the cold glass pane of an inclined hood. The fact that the steam is sucked in at the bottom and in the middle of the pane means that less condensation forms, which could run down. Bloom and Bloom Sintegrate a 3,500 K LED strip that directs the light directly onto the work surface. An ideal solution for all those who cook with high standards but do not want to do without an elegant and at the same time efficient w all hood . Bloom is available in black or grey tempered glass, which provides high transparency and a light transmission of over 90%. Bloom is operated via the touch control panel above the flap. Bloom S is available in white glass or in Gres Dekton®. The la tter is a material that is characterized by very robust and easy care properties and has so far mostly been used for kitchen worktops. So if you decide on a worktop and a wall hood in Gres Dekton®, you get a uniform look with a great feel. The aluminum strip  with titanium effect provides a spec ial finish, which also hides the touch control panel. The cooker hood is equipped with Comfort Silence technology and sound absorbing panels that further reduce the noise level up to 50 dB.

  • Special features: Highly efficient and extremely quiet sloping hoo ds Bloom with a maximum of 56 dB and Bloom S with even only 50 dB
  • Width: 85 cm
  • Material: Bloom in black or grey tempered glass, Bloom S in white glass or in Gres Dekton®.
  • Available induct out and recycling ve rsion

Suspended Ikona Light

The design language is similar to a traditional cooker hood t hat resembles a chimney hood, but Ikona Light is much more delicate and seems to float in the air. The model perfectly meets the needs of those looking for a minimalist look for their hood in a distinctive urban style. The 3500 K LED band provides uniform illumination. This makes Ikona Light perfect for kitchen living environments that require either atmospheric lighting or effective illumination of the work surf ace. LED lamps are characterized not least by their long life and reduced energy consumption. Ikona Light is available in matt black or white and stainless steel. It is designed for kitchen islands, but can also be wall mounted with an accessory bracket. With its width of 60 cm, it is one of the few hanging hoods that fits perfectly over a 60 cm hob. An ergonomic touch control is located at the front of the housing. Thanks to the efficient Elica motors, even on recirculating hoods, Ikona Light guarantee s maximu m performance in eliminating fumes and bad smells.

  • Special features: Iconic lamp hood that fits perfectly over a 60 cm hob and can also be used as a wall hood by means of a bracket
  • Width: 60 cm
  • Material: matt black, white or stainless steel
  • Available recycling version

Built in hood Hidden 2.0

As the name suggests, Hidden 2.0 @ a hood panel with all round extraction disappears discreetly into the wall unit. Hidden 2.0 @ was d eveloped primarily to ensure the highest extraction efficiency in the smallest space. The T shape of the chimney also allows the remaining space in the wall unit to be used for storing spices or recipe books. An LED strip provides optimal illumination of the work surface, the intensity as well as the light color can be adjusted flexibly. The model is of fered in two material and color variants: In stainless steel the hood fits well under white bodies. But if you are planning a kitchen with a black body, you will choose the version with black frame and black glass , becaus e the hood will hardly attract atte ntion. Hidden 2.0 @ is the first built in cooker hood that can be used connectively via WLAN. The ElicaConnect app, which will be launched at the end of the year, informs the user of any necessary maintenance operations, such as changing the filter, and redirects them directly to the Elica online store. Alexa can also be used to control the hood for some main functions such as on/off, light intensity or suc tion power.

  • Special feature: First installation hood that can be used via voice assistants or the ElicaConnect app
  • Dimensions: widths from 51,4 to 71,4 cm
  • Material: Completely in stainless steel or in black with black glass
  • Available in duct out and recycling version

Wall Rules

Kitchens with clear lines require design concepts from the ap pliances that integrate perfectly with them. Take, for example, Elica's new Rules model: thanks to the innovative Shift 2136 mechanism, it ensures perfect continuity of the fronts, as the depth of the hood can be adjusted from 21 cm to 36 cm with millimetric precision during installation. But Rules is also suitable for rooms where the emphasis is on a reduced, unobtrusive hood solution, such as kitchens without wall units: Because with its low depth of 21 cm and a height of 36 cm, the efficient fume cup boa rd only stands out for its fine purist style. The program is rounded off by three material variants: The black all glass version with touch controls gives the product a minimalist and elegant design. The integrated lighting solution consists of an LED strip. If you are looking for a consistent look of kitchen front and technology, choose the "naked" variant, here the hood is covered with the same front as the wall units. The third option is the Gres Dekton® surfa ce. A no ble and easy care material, which is characterized by its durability. In the Naked and Dekton® version there is a double LED strip that provides powerful lighting. Rules is also equipped with an inclined grille patented by Elica which, thanks to its special structure, absorbs the condens ation water and collects it in a removable tray.

  • Special features: The depth can be adjusted from 21 to 36 cm with millimetric precision during installation. Incl. inclined grating to collect the condensation water
  • Dimensi ons: 60 cm, 90 cm, 120 cm
  • Material: Surface in black glass with LED strips, "Naked" to cover the hood in the same material as the wall units or in Dekton® in grey
  • Available in duct out and recycling version

Downd raft Ge t U p

Do you want as muc h space for cooking as possible ? GetUp from Elica is a retractable hob extractor that offers high performance and a discreet appearance. GetUp is available in black, stainless steel, castiron and a "naked" version. The latter offers maximum product customization, as the top can be coat ed with the same material as the kitchen worktop to create a completely homogeneous and linear appearance. The touch control is located on the side and the entry and exit is smooth and silent. Technologically, this downdraft model also convinces with its high extraction capacity, which ensures the safe removal of fumes. GetUp can also be connected to the WLAN in order to use the desk fan via the Alexa voice assistants or the ElicaConnect app. The app also provides feedback on the maintenance of the filter systems. A space saving solution par excellence: the hood, which disappears into the worktop when not in use, takes up a small amount of space inside the cabinet, leaving enough room to insert drawers 45 cm deep.

  • Special feature: Downdraft model that can be used via voice assistants or the ElicaConnect app
  • width: 90 cm
  • Material: black, stainless steel, castiron and "naked" to cover with the material of the worktop
  • Available induct out and recycling version . In the filter version, special Long Life filt ers of the latest generation can be regenerated for up to 3 years (standard filters last 3 to 6 months). These catch odours with an efficiency of over 80% (compared to a market average of 60%)*

About Elica

The Elica G roup has been operating in the extractor hood sector since 1970 under the leadership of Francesco Casoli and Mauro Sacchetto and is the world leader in this field. At European level, the company also holds a leading position in the design, production and marketing of electric motors for cooker hoods and boilers. The Elica Group produces over 21 million appliances and components with over 3,800 employees in seven production plants, including Italy, Poland, Mexico, India and China. Many years of exper ience in the sector, great attention to d esign, the selection of carefully selected materials and advanced technologies that guarantee maximum efficiency and lower consumption are the elements that have enabled Elica to stand out in the market and revolutionize the traditional image of extractor hoods in kitchens: They are no longer just simple accessories, but design objects that can improve the quality of life.

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