GERA Leuchten at interzum 2019

Minimalisation for maximum room design impact

Minimalism, lighting as a room design element, clear contours – at interzum 2019, GERA Leuchten continues to stay true to its philosophy: "We will be showing several interesting new products in Cologne," says Hening Pölitz, owner and CEO of GERA Leuchten. "They are further developments of existing lighting systems used in a way that makes them look completely new."

GERA Lightbox

The company's trade show stand will once again be dedicated to "Lighting that's also a piece of furniture", an apt description of the one element shared by all GERA Leuchten products. "We furnish homes – either with lighting, or with lighting furniture," says GERA Leuchten product designer Thomas Ritt, explaining the company's approach. "Our design efforts do not just focus on the light as such but also on the resulting lighting."

Due to this approach, GERA Leuchten's products are perfect for realising one of the most important current interior design trends: open plan living, rather than clearly separate areas in the home divided according to their individual functions. Kitchens open out into the living areas; bathrooms move closer to bedrooms. This also changes the lighting requirements. "Our lights and lighting furniture are ideal for realisations of this trend," says Hening Pölitz. "They can be used individually and are not limited to one particular area in the home."

The interzum exhibits illustrate this concept. The new "LichtBox", for example, is based on the minimalist structure of the company's Lighting System 4: a light source has been integrated into a rectangular black aluminium profile frame. The glass bottom serves as a shelf; the "LichtBox" can therefore be used to display special objects. On the one hand, the extremely bright and indirect lighting lights up the back wall. On the other, the precious objects on display in the "LichtBox" are lit from the front. Whether a vase, a sculpture or a flower arrangement – every object inside the box is staged with the aid of lighting. "Just like in the theatre," says Thomas Ritt. "In the theatre, the stage is usually also lit from the front to draw attention to what is happening on it."

The new product "LichtBox" is one of the highlights of GERA Leuchten's interzum presentation. The company will also be showing other ideas at the exhibition centre by the Rhine from 21 to 24 May. The GERA Leuchten stand is located in Hall 04.2, stand number E 031.

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