Interprint: Looking back on EuroShop 2020

Customized Design for Custom-made Ideas

The kind of booth you’d find in a comic book Colourful, eye-catching but also an absolute delight from the graphical point of view. Interprint demonstrated its digital side at EuroShop 2020, which took place from 16 to 20 February in Düsseldorf. The company’s booth had something from a pop-up shop, thus attracting the attention of a brand new type of attendee. Architects, designers and creative minds working in interior design met up in hall 11 for a chat.

Interprint 2020 PM EuroShop Review booth view

The objective: Acting from the client’s perspective.

“Our new digital solutions and creative ideas will allow us to approach totally new professionals at EuroShop in order to offer them our know-how and our experience. We developed our digital resources from the client’s perspective, because a good idea should never fail due to lack of technology to implement it,” Salvatore Figliuzzi, Interprint’s Director of Marketing and Design, explains.

Customized Industrial Digital Printing

The booth’s general design as well as the individual products proved to be popular with the guests: Every EuroShop attendee who stopped by at Interprint’s booth was able to discover the advantages of the newly developed customized industrial digital printing: individual decors in small batches for almost any application in the retail, residential, workspace or hospitality sectors. With the help of industrial digital printing technologies, a customized decor can be designed individually and produced efficiently. Interprint offers full service in one place: from unique design and high-grade production and processing to the end product thanks to our collaboration with professional partners that we are always in direct contact with.  

As the world’s first decor printer with an industrial digital printing facility, Interprint has been ahead of its time since 2015. Digital printing has become part of the company’s DNA in recent years. Now, EuroShop’s attendees were presented with the results produced by the second machine: featuring a new print head technology, a much higher resolution, software optimisations – for more bandwidth and, at the same time, even better work precision, even with the smallest of circulations. A third digital print machine is already in planning stage and should be released in 2021.

Hands on. With Decor Creator.

With the digital Decor Creator, the visitors had a chance to let their creativity run wild. An interactive tool that makes creating decors a child’s play by controlling the LEDs affecting the colours of the exhibition booth.

In the so-called Rave Tower, guests were able to immerse themselves in a decor. The tower was a selfie point, where many attendees made a stop. It demonstrated very clearly the enormous rapport size that Interprint can offer and gave the visitors a good impression of the new digital opportunities offered by decor printing.

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