Interprint Press Play: Finish playlist in heavy rotation

Interprint at the Inside Seller-Days 2020

For Interprint, digitalisation is part of its everyday business. The company's presentation at the Inside Seller-Days 2020 also focuses on digitalisation in all of its facets: on the product side, Press Play, "the collection that isn't a collection", revolutionises the way trendy finishes are marketed. In the production area, Interprint is increasing the options for architects, designers and property developers by investing into a third digital printing machine. Fittingly, the Inside Seller-Days 2020 will also be taking place completely digitally.


The world of trends is turning ever faster. The years when an annual collection would set the trend are over. Instead there is a constant hum in the background; inspiration and ideas are available 24/7. This by-product of digitalisation has also affected the trade fair business: An annual event can only be a snapshot in time for an innovative company like Interprint. The fact that alternative formats are being explored due to the Covid situation is welcomed by the company based in Arnsberg. Interprint is happy to be part of the INSIDE Seller-Days – for the specialists in decorative printing, the INSIDE Seller-Days are a flexible, innovative and agile format that perfectly matches the company’s philosophy.

At the INSIDE Seller-Days, customers can communicate directly with the experts from Interprint via live streams, chat rooms and live broadcasts from the ISD studio, or be inspired by the presentation to be given by Salvatore Figliuzzi, Interprint’s Director of Marketing and Design, at the Technology and Design Show on the 2nd of October. These interactive features are complemented by digital product presentations in the virtual showroom. Interprint, which can be found at the ISD under the category “Living Spaces and Workshop”, has also created two live streams. In keeping with the digital trade show stand, these take an in-depth look at the topics “Interprint trends” and “Industrial digital printing by Interprint”.

With its varied programme, Interprint wants to attract the attention of all visitors – even those that do not know the decorative printing specialist that well yet. For even though everyone has probably already come into contact with the company’s products in living spaces, offices and the like, the name Interprint is hardly known outside the industry. The company intends to change this. After all, the finish determines the look of a piece of furniture and is thus an important aspect of the purchasing decision. A survey by the Otto Group placed design in second place in the furniture purchasing criteria with 63 percent, immediately after price. With the topics that the presentations at the INSIDE Seller-Days focus on, Interprint will highlight the important role the company plays.

Press Play: A playlist for all tastes

With Press Play, Interprint is saying goodbye to the traditional collection concept. The reason for this is obvious: launching a collection of trendy designs once a year is no longer in keeping with the times. We are living in a world where we are subjected to a constant hum of trends, like white noise: endless feeds, streaming services and a never-ending flow of news and stories allow new trends to emerge all the time, which are then followed by numerous small micro-trends. With Press Play, Interprint is taking this development on board and is creating an agile, variable and always up-to-date platform for finish trends. Press Play is a finish playlist that is continuously updated. Interprint can therefore respond to movements and trends as soon as they emerge and constantly stage them in completely new ways.

Industrial digital printing: The customised finish facilitator

Interprint already increased its options in 2015 by investing into its first digital printing machine, which made it possible to also produce smaller quantities economically as well as customised small runs. A second digital printing machine followed in 2019 – with a new printhead technology, a considerably higher resolution and optimised software. In 2020, the company finally invested into a third machine that offers architects, designers, property developers and new target audiences a wide spectrum of possibilities. An up to six metre repeat, sharper contrasts and a wide range of printable colours make it possible to produce customised top-quality finishes. With the RotaJet 225, which offers a printing width of up to 225 centimetres, going into operation, Interprint is continuing to expand its global technical leadership in the digital printing area. At the Inside Seller-Days, Interprint will not only explain the possibilities that digital printing offers its customers in a live stream lecture but also face-to-face – and thereby perfect the triad of digital presentation, product and production.

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