Interprint takes care of young talent and commences training year 2020

Anything but common.

Not even this unusual “Corona” year is an exception for Interprint, a decor printer from Arnsberg. Here, fostering young talent and helping trainees acquire skills in various professions are still of utmost importance. On 3 August, as many as six trainees joined the Interprint Team.

Interprint 2020 PM Interprint focuses on education new trainees

Interprint is famous for the great training it provides: Every year, the company helps young people begin their career path in various disciplines: There are currently 22 trainees at Interprint, 8 of whom are industrial sales representatives, 11 are media technology specialists, one is a media designer, one is an electronics technician and one works in IT. This is why Interprint is regularly honoured with the “Excellent training organisation” seal of approval. This seal of approval is awarded to companies that show strong commitment to professional training, a high level of satisfaction and a positive evaluation of the work situation by the trainees.

Training begins at the company’s headquarters in Arnsberg

3 August saw six trainees begin their working life. Three of them (Tina Weinert, Janne Malik and Lauritz Weber) are going to be industrial sales representatives while the other three (Pascal Meißner, Serkan Koparan and Kevin Benzel) will be training as media technology specialists. They are now learning everything about the company’s individual departments. Within the first few working days, the trainees attended a workshop dedicated to “Social rules at the workplace” as well as a team-building trip. Mini golf offered another great opportunity to get to know each other, even though there were the Corona safety measures to consider.

A reason to celebrate: All trainees successful

Only our traditional BBQ afternoon for our “new” and “old” trainees to get to know each other better had to be cancelled this year. Still, those who were done with their training graduated in a festive atmosphere. In spite of the effects of the pandemic and the challenges presented by factors such as the closing of vocational schools, all Interprint trainees successfully passed their exams in the 3rd year of their training.

The trainees “graduated” and were honoured at a small in-house celebration organised in our premises, which was also attended by instructors and members of the management team. Five of the six trainees will be taken on as employees, thus staying with the company, while trainee number 6 decided to pursue university studies.

Interprint extended its warmest congratulations to industrial sales representatives Niklas Richter, Anne Hufelschulte and Ann-Christin Nemeita and media technology specialists Fabian Rath, Tobias Hübert, Patrick Mudler and Yigit Üstenci.

The official speech was accompanied by a short presentation with stories from the past three years, after which the trainees were awarded their certificates and received small presents. The day ended in a relaxed atmosphere and with ice cream to better cope with the hot temperatures.

There is a special highlight waiting for us in the near future: September will see our two best trainees, Anne Hufelschulte and Ann-Christin Nemeita, being honoured by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The two industrial sales representatives completed their training with the grade 1 (excellent).

Proud of the young talents

Chief instructor Andrea Pusch is particularly proud of “her” young talent. “As a local company, offering good training in our region is very important to us. Our trainees and their development are things that we feel very strongly about. This is why we are so happy to be able to keep so many of them as employees after their training is completed.”

For the training year 2021, the company is, as always, looking for new talent: young people who would like to be media technology specialists, industrial sales representatives and media designers. For further information or to apply online, see

Training start photo:
Industrial sales representatives: Tina Weinert, Janne Malik, Lauritz Weber

Media technology specialists: Pascal Meißner, Serkan Koparan, Kevin Benzel
Chief instructor: Andrea Pusch

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