KA Interiør: Private label sliding doors and wardrobes

KA Interiør was originally a small joinery and is now one of the five largest European sliding door and wardrobe manufacturers. The strategy: a private label that combines bespoke quality with reliability and an attractive pricing policy. KA Interiør sells its products to more than 30 companies all over Europe; in some cases, it has done so for the past 25 years.

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Successful partnerships: KA Interiør offers its customers the perfect platform for joint growth. The manufacturer of high-quality sliding doors and wardrobes provides far more than just a meticulously crafted range of bespoke products – it liaises with its partners and supports them throughout the entire customer experience in order to ensure that its customers are ultimately thoroughly delighted with the outcome.

A wide product portfolio

The KA Interiør product portfolio covers a wide range of different customer segments: with "Reference", for example, KA Interiør offers a product line that is aimed at the growing DIY market and is likely to appeal to customers that appreciate value for money. "Elegance" represents the mid-price segment, whilst "Luxury" is designed for the most discerning cus­tomers. All three product lines focus on quality and individuality; customers can therefore design the products in a way that perfectly matches their own particular brand, portfolio and customer base. KA Interiør manufactures 100% to order. All of the company's products are unique, manufactured bespoke and tailor-made to meet the customer's needs and require­ments. Each individual wardrobe is made from carefully selected top-quality materials. The lead time is seven to fifteen days, with a 99.98 percent guarantee.

360 degree service for its partners

What is so outstanding about KA Interiør is that the company's expertise goes way beyond mere manufacturing: at the beginning of each partnership, all of the available options are first of all analysed. A jointly developed product and pricing strategy then provides the basis for increased sales and higher margins. After the strategy phase, structures are established that make future growth possible; they are, of course, adapted individually to the respective customer. From online images and POS sales material to IT interfaces and staff and fitter training, KA Interiør offers everything customers need – regardless of whether they are a major chain or a medium-sized enterprise.

More than 30 companies throughout Europe, from renowned kitchen suppliers to major DIY store chains, have already experienced that selling bespoke wardrobes and sliding doors through a partnership with KA Interiør is a profitable project. KA Interiør supplies over 120,000 sliding doors every year and is therefore one of the five largest sliding door manufacturers in Europe.

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