New campaign: Iggy Pop celebrates again with SCHOCK

Iggy Pop and SCHOCK, the innovative manufacturer of quartz composite sinks and distributor of high-quality kitchen taps, continue their shared history of hilarity: in the company’s new brand campaign, the “Godfather of Punk” throws a party at SCHOCK’s Home of Colourful. “The message is that our sinks and kitchen taps are as colorful and individual as the people who use them,” says Susanne Zeitlhöfler, Head of Marketing & Product Management at SCHOCK. The second campaign was developed by advertising agency Saint Elmo’s, as was the first SCHOCK impact with Iggy Pop in 2021.

The colorful & non-ordinary as core values of SCHOCK

With its consistent imagery and humorous tone, the campaign and protagonist Iggy Pop speak a language that perfectly suits SCHOCK. “We focus on the colorful, the non-ordinary. You can find us where the action is,” says Susanne Zeitlhöfler, “and the campaign conveys our core values in a way that gets end customers excited about our products – and turns the sink into a lifestyle object. The one-minute commercial is a strong statement in favor of modern design, traditional quality, and sustainability without losing sight of product diversity. In addition, shorter commercials were produced that address other USPs of SCHOCK: the durability, for example, or the ease of cleaning, for which the quartz composite sink invented by SCHOCK is especially know.

Targeting relevant audiences across Europe

With the advertising themes, people all over Europe are transported into the colorful world of SCHOCK’s “Home of Colorful”. The story shifts from the forest to the kitchen in the new campaign. In this room, which is now the heart of the house and where life takes place, Iggy Pop and his Green Team of Bavarian forest dwellers have a party. With a cool wink, Saint Elmo’s, under the direction of Arwed Berendts, Managing Director at Saint Elmo’s Munich and creative head of the campaign, put a spotlight on the quartz composite sink, conveying the message that with SCHOCK, the kitchen gets the colorful and vibrant attitude it deserves as a hub of everyday life.

On March 13, the campaign will launch online, on various social media channels and out-of-home. And Iggy and his colorful crew of Bavarian forest animals will soon be making a home at the POS, too.

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