New edgeband generation RAUKANTEX scratch.protect sets new standards

Setting the standard for matt finishing in the furniture industry

The trend away from high-gloss surfaces and towards elegant, matt designs is sweeping through the entire furniture industry. Whether in living spaces, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, shop fittings or hotels – matt is in demand everywhere. Yet with matt surfaces in particular, differences in quality in the materials and processing are especially noticeable. Alongside its already well-known noble matt finish, REHAU is now delivering a new standard of quality for the other matt gloss levels with its RAUKANTEX scratch.protect generation of edgebands, thus achieving an elegant matt look for furniture with long-lasting effects.

REHAU RAUKANTEX scratch.protect 02
RAUKANTEX scratch.protect: easy to clean (Copyright: REHAU)

It is often the edgeband of a component that is exposed to especially heavy wear. This begins during component production when the edgebands are processed, and continues later on owing to all the stresses the edgeband is subject to in everyday life. The edgeband manufacturer
REHAU has the perfect solution for both challenges.

When applying RAUKANTEX scratch.protect, there are no problems with the smoothing out of the edgeband surface or the associated shiny spots caused by tracers. Protective film designed to protect the surface against scratches or abrasion is no longer required. This results in significantly more stable processing. When equipped with scratch.protect technology, the edgeband contributes to the component’s high quality.

In day-to-day life, the edgeband is subjected to a lot of stress: scratches, fingerprints or areas that are polished smooth are all visual signs of age in furniture. With RAUKANTEX scratch.protect, REHAU offers an extremely long-lasting solution. An ultra-fine, even texture gives the edgebands an elegant, matt look and a pleasant, soft feel, while also boasting anti-fingerprint technology and increased scratch resistance. This means that cleaning is also effortless, as dirt particles cannot settle. REHAU has raised the quality of the surface finish to a whole new level, ensuring that there is no shine on the edgebands, even at extremely flat viewing angles.

Gloss levels make the difference

The already well-known positive properties of the noble matt finish will now also be available in other gloss levels, enabling a perfect, seamless combination of edgeband and board to be achieved.

All polypropylene and ABS edgebands in the solid colour, decorative and designo ranges are available with scratch.protect finish for all standard processing methods. The following gloss levels are available to order:

  • Noble matt SP
  • Gloss level 06 SP
  • Gloss level 08 SP
  • Gloss level 10 SP
  • Gloss level 12 SP

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