News from SINK GREEN: SCHOCK Continues Journey into a Colourful, Sustainable Future

SINK GREEN has given SCHOCK a way to double down on its sustainability efforts. The comprehensive strategy brings all activities under a single umbrella. It covers both the company and the product and is continually evolving. Having achieved carbon neutrality for the company and the kitchen sinks this year, there is now a further update.

Consistent: SINK GREEN throughout the company

“Sinks, built in harmony with nature” – SCHOCK’s vision is a sustainably optimised sink, manufactured carbon neutrally. The starting point on the way to achieving this goal was to calculate the company’s carbon footprint according to international standards. SCHOCK was supported by a Big Four consultancy in performing this calculation in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG). Together, a sustainability roadmap was developed. The topics: Climate change and emissions, resource efficiency, energy and innovations, and a sustainable product strategy. Based on the roadmap, SCHOCK implemented a series of measures to avoid or reduce emissions. Any emissions that remain unavoidable after all options for reducing them have been taken are offset by SCHOCK through ClimatePartner’s climate protection projects. ClimatePartner has a portfolio of more than 100 climate protection projects certified to the highest standards spread across various countries and involving a range of technologies. Customers can see how much carbon SCHOCK has offset through an ID number: Now that carbon neutrality has been achieved for the company and the kitchen sinks, further measures are on the agenda. SCHOCK transparently documents the progress of these efforts in its environmental statement and, starting in Q4 2021, also in the sustainability report on its website The latest activities at the factory site in the Bavarian town of Regen are green in the literal sense. With the support of gardening companies from the local region, a garden is currently being landscaped for employees – a contribution to relaxation and recreation which at the same time increases biodiversity in the factory grounds through the planting of wild flowers and fruit trees. Another new development is that SCHOCK has signed up to the UN Global Compact. As part of this network, companies declare their commitment to social, economic and ecological standards. This strong commitment has not gone unnoticed: SCHOCK has already been granted the “Sustainable Company” label from the German Institute for Sustainability and Ecology (DINO). This was followed by winning a Top 100 Award in the eponymous competition which evaluates the innovative strength of small and mediumsized companies. SCHOCK was also nominated for the German Sustainability Award in the design category for the company’s CRISTADUR® Green Line, the sink material made from ~99% natural, renewable or recycled raw materials. This line will be significantly expanded in 2022 as an important element of the roadmap: The popular Mono sink range and an earthy shade of taupe by the name of Twilight will offer additional choice.

Creative: SINK GREEN in the public eye

The attention that SINK GREEN is attracting among the general public is partly thanks to the unusual campaign being run for the initiative: A real legend – Iggy Pop, the Godfather of Punk – was brought on board as brand ambassador. Together with his Green Team, endangered animal species from the Bavarian Forest, Iggy Pop gives SINK GREEN a story that is told for the distribution channel in a video clip as well as in ads, social media posts and other marketing materials. The film that started it all earned SCHOCK a GOLD in the Best of Content Marketing Award 2021. “Totally eye-catching,” was the jury’s verdict. Now it’s time for the next round: The story of SINK GREEN is the story of SCHOCK from its beginnings right through to the future – and it’s this story that guides readers through the new highlight booklet that SCHOCK is unveiling in time for area30. The story will again be told by Iggy Pop. “With SINK GREEN and our futureoriented lifestyle sinks, we combine design, creativity, individuality and sustainability in the familiar SCHOCK manner,” says Sven-Michael Funck, CSO at SCHOCK. “This gives distributors products and stories that match the spirit of the times and will surprise and delight customers.”  

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