OYM: extraordinary training centre and architectural highlight for Swiss elite sport

ASB MultiSports creates flexibility

In the Swiss canton of Zug, one of the most modern sports centres in the world, OYM, is the place where Switzerland’s top athletes train to achieve peak performance. The training centre, which is aimed at athletes of all disciplines, is a prime example of the combination of form and function – from the steelwork construction down to the last detail. In order to be able to switch between sports quickly and flexibly, the ASB MultiSports was installed in the sports hall. With this sports floor, it is possible to switch between tournament-appropriate fields in a matter of seconds using a tablet.

OYM Entrance area
© Regine Giesecke

On Your Marks was the motto for the extraordinary sports centre in Cham, Switzerland. OYM, which owes its name to the aforementioned starting signal is one of the most modern centres of its kind in the world. The investment of around CHF 100 million in the facility enables the best training options for top Swiss athletes. Whether for skiers, bob-sleigh pilots, track and field athletes, or volleyball players, OYM offers space for up to 250 athletes to train in a quiet, modern ambience.

The investor of OYM is Hans-Peter Strebel. It was important to him and the management of the centre to work with the most modern components in order to be able to offer the athletes an optimal training environment. Furthermore, particular importance was attached to local and regional acceptance during the planning. Urbanistically embedded in the Lorzenpark quarter, the modern building enriches the Cham-Nord district as a central, lively component.

Combining different uses in an appealing way

In functional terms, the challenge was to combine a broad mix of uses in a single building. For this purpose, different structural systems were combined in the project. Steel frame structures with composite corners were chosen for the wide-span supporting structures of the large sports hall. A skeleton structure with element slabs, composite girders, and concrete columns was used in the head-end building. The underground car park and  the bracing cores and the main stairwell were planned as reinforced concrete structures. Various special solutions complement the design and serve the use. For the façade, the architects involved chose hot-dip galvanised steel, which transports the activities inside to the outside. Light reflections and colour nuances recall the active, lively performance of the athletes who hone their skills in the training facility. Activity and individuality are also reflected in the choice of materials for the interiors. Steel elements, exposed concrete, coloured sports coverings, sound-absorbing wooden panels, and fixtures made of wood support the cross-disciplinary use – both visually and functionally.

OYM Sports hall 1
© Regine Giesecke

Multi-functionality also in the sports floor

A special innovation in the sports floor provides the necessary flexibility in the sports hall. ASB MultiSports is an elastic floor where a professional playing field can be switched on for each sport using a touch screen. The floor meets the strictest performance criteria for top-level sport and fulfils the most important European and universal standards for high-performance sports floors. A special formula makes the glass floor more elastic than most wooden floors. It is slip-resistant and has an extremely low level of light reflection so that the athletes are neither dazzled nor distracted.

“With ASB MultiSports, we have developed the most modern solution for professional sports operations”, says Christof Babinsky, managing director of ASB GlassFloor. The commitment to sport has a long tradition. As a development partner for the leading world federations, ASB has developed some ground-breaking innovations for the sport of squash – including a glass floor. “We’ve invested a lot of time and expertise in the properties of the floor. The result is the innovative MultiSports glass floor, which also offers flexibility through LED technology that was hardly conceivable before”, says Babinsky. The floor became a success far beyond the squash world. Whether in Dresden’s BallsportARENA or in an indoor sports centre at Oxford University, ASB MultiSports brings a range of benefits to both sports organisers and the athletes themselves. “The floor lasts for around 70 years and is impervious to street shoes if the hall should ever be used differently. For the athletes, it is also a great advantage that glass floors do not cause skin burns compared to plastic or wooden floors if someone slips or falls. These are all advantages that were also taken into account in the decision-making process when planning OYM. With ASB MultiSports, a sports floor that fits perfectly with the multifunctional, cross-disciplinary use of the training centre was integrated into OYM.

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