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Creating innovative space

Today, digital techniques are capable of enhancing architectural possibilities. Spatial Design aims to envision space as an expandable, digital experience, that triggers human interaction. ASB’s LED glass walls and floors offer unique possibilities within this sector. The Ba-varian company supports architectural offices and entre-preneurs with the planning of their projects right from the beginning.

ASB Glassfloor 2020 PM Planungsunterstützung Digital Wallpaper Bookshop

What makes a room? Is it the walls surrounding it? Or is it what the people inside the room see and feel? The Spatial Design discipline asks those questions and enables never before seen interactive definitions of space, with the help of digital technology. A room becomes an expandable and digital experience. “We have the perfect product for these projects,” says Christof Babinsky, ASB’s Managing Director. “Our innovations are rooted in the world of sports. From building glass floors which allow the user to switch sports at the press of a button it was only a small but logical step to building floors and walls that are capable of changing a room’s feel and function within seconds.”

A Digital Waterfall for Microsoft

The projects that ASB GlassFloor have realised in the architectural sector so far, are quite impressive: for Microsoft’s new Campus Headquarter in Dublin, a digital waterfall and lake was installed with ASB technology. “A true cutting-edge solution,” says Christof Babinsky. “The glass hardly reflects and the area can be used as a balustrade with a height of 440 cm.” After DeepLumen, a project ASB carried out together with artist Marc Gumpinger, ASB GlassFloor developed the “DigitalWallpaper” for the Frame Awards taking place on 19th and 20th February in Amsterdam; a textbook example for Spatial Design: “We demonstrate how public space can change its purpose in a split second. Every three minutes, the scenario changes. The same space turns from bar to think tank, to bookshop, event to a cable car.” Satisfying the human need for diversity in daily surroundings and creating spaces that inspire interaction is easily possible with ASB GlassFloor technology, while the complex engineering stays invisible and ahead of its time: “Our solutions are human- oriented. You never look at the light source directly, but have the matte, high-quality glass surface as a digital wallpaper in front of you. This makes it look very real, almost as if it was printed”, says Babinsky.

Project support right from the start

While Spatial Design solutions can bring a true added value for many companies and establishments, many entities spare the effort. “That is where we come in as the perfect partner for architectural offices, designers and the companies themselves”, says Christof Babinsky. “We sit down with the partners right at the start of the design phase, discuss their plans and then provide them with a potential solution. If these meet the expectations of the company, they receive a fixed estimate – and in the end they have a product, provided by one partner, from one source. Our customers have one contact person who understands them and who can deliver architectural hardware, AV technology, interactive and digital solutions, as well as content. This way, they do not only receive the best of the best, but can save a lot of money at the same time, too.”

Keeping project costs flexible

Investments into such solutions do not only become more cost-efficient when choosing a one-stop provider – another factor is the technology itself. Here, too, ASB will find the most efficient solution for their customers: “A lot depends on, e.g. how close the individual LED spots need to be. With our unique matte-homogeneous glass surface, we can also work with a pixel pitch of say 25 millimeters and still achieve amazing optics despite the reduction of cost.” Innovative Spatial Design projects, interactive spaces and areas, new architectures – whoever wants to engage with the future of the design and interpersonal human interaction has found their perfect partner in ASB GlassFloor.

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