REHAU delivers frameless design with RAUKANTEX pigmento

Edgeband with pigmented milling radius

With its new RAUKANTEX pigmento edgeband, REHAU offers elegant and stylish edgeband design for structured surfaces like ceramic, stone, wood, and concrete. Thanks to an innovative formulation, the impact-resistant edgeband imitates the look and feel of various structures. The pigmented milling radii produce a frameless look in the process.

From kitchens to living rooms, demand levels for structured surfaces of ceramic, stone and concrete are consistently high – whether materials are natural or inspired by nature. In everyday situations, materials not only need to look good but need to be highly functional too. This is where REHAU comes in with its new impact resistant RAUKANTEX pigmento edgeband. Thanks to a brand-new formulation, the edgeband can imitate many different looks and feels – and even produce the necessary structures in the chamfered area. This eliminates the disadvantages of natural materials, which include heaviness and susceptibility to splintering. The zero-joint version of RAUKANTEX pigmento also improves UV stability and does not use adhesive, which precludes yellowing. At the same time, the edge also bonds very well using hot-air systems and impresses with its optimal surface smoothness.

Stability meets style

RAUKANTEX pigmento offers outstanding material properties and also impresses when it comes to design. The milling radius, which is also pigmented, produces a frameless and seamless look – the transition from board to edgebeand is virtually invisible. As Simon Ukatz, Team Leader Product Management Edgeband at REHAU, says, “Every designer aims for the perfect component, with no frame effect or joint. RAUKANTEX pigmento delivers a seamless visual transition from surface to edgeband, even in the milling radius. Combined with zero-joint technology, the pigmented edgeband makes the leap to the component in a uniform design. Compared to conventional variants, you can see and feel the difference.” Especially where combined with laser technology, the edgeband delivers a perfect match and sets new benchmarks in terms of durability and quality.

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