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Review of the EUROSHOP 2020 trade fair

From 16 to 20 February, the EUROSHOP trade fair was the place to be for anyone interested in shop-fitting and shop design. REHAU showed off its specialist profile and system solutions for commercial cooling and digital signage under the slogan ‘Keep it cool, get it green!’ Everything revolved around the topics of energy efficiency, sustainability, integrated functions and design. If that weren’t enough, the polymer experts at REHAU also skilfully showcased the myriad ways its RAUVISIO polymer surfaces can be arranged, offering inspiration for shop design.

REHAU Crystal Door
REHAU Crystal Door (Copyright: REHAU)

At the stand shared between REHAU and REHAU-Behr, the specialists in commercial refrigerators and deep freezers revealed the huge amount of energy that can be saved by deploying door and cover solutions. The highlight? The new MULTI DOME 2.0® sliding lid system, including the patented PUSH-T function and the innovative Crystal Door™. Both product solutions combine functionality with maximum transparency, design and energy efficiency. ‘They’re really going to make open chest freezers and chiller cabinets a thing of the past. Our solutions reduce energy consumption by up to 50%, while letting customers see all the products on offer and even keep food fresh for longer,’ explained Peter Behr, Director of Sales and Development at REHAU Behr. REHAU-Behr offers further information on its website at

Additional design highlights came courtesy of REHAU’s door seals for refrigerators and beverage coolers. Its newly developed products, DESIGNO and ILLUMINO, could soon raise the bar in the sector, as far as functional and ambient lighting go, by offering colourful or illuminated seals.

SmartShelf technology is a pioneering development in the field of system integration. This intelligent display for retail shelving enables shelves kitted out with SmartShelf to communicate actively with customers. The K-Box by Kesseböhmer is already using technology developed jointly by REHAU and Gleebees in its goods presentation systems. ‘From displaying prices digitally and showing displays for order instructions and marketing frames, right through to digital real-time stock control, a self-service terminal can become a cashless communication point. And what’s more, you can set it up wherever you like, in a hotel lobby, a cafeteria or a petrol station,’ explains Santiago Pardos, Director of New Business Development at REHAU, adding: ‘The opportunities are endless.’

The stage for the exhibits was made from REHAU surface materials, taken from the RAUVISIO crystal glass laminate range over the entire rear wall of the stand. The innovative RAUVISIO surface materials from REHAU combine functionality with extreme durability and endless design possibilities. Whether furniture fronts for offices, restaurants, trade fair construction or shop-fitting, these materials offer interior designers, trade fair constructors and carpenters plenty of room for their creative ideas. The glass laminate can be easily processed with conventional woodworking tools and can also be back-miled and backlit. In this way, attention can be directed in a targeted manner or moods can be created by lighting variations. More details about REHAU surface materials can be found at


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