REHAU’s RAUVISIO noir represents a tour through various stylistic eras

A surface that resembles a journey through time

From New York in the "Golden Twenties" of the 20th century to swinging London of the 1960s and the heart of minimalism in the 2020s – REHAU’s RAUVISIO noir surface collection boasts a colour palette that inspires interior architects and designers to create unique projects. Each of the 12 colours represents a decade, while reflecting the spirit of the time, thanks to its super matt finish. RAUVISIO noir has all the benefits of the RAUVISIO family – and can be cast in a single piece to match the design of other REHAU interior products.

RAUVISIO noir journey through time
RAUVISIO noir journey through time

Every stylistic era has its own colour and design scheme. During the Swinging Sixties, chic and style featuring muted, classic colours found their way into our homes. During the 1970s, newly won freedoms were reflected by vibrant colours and organic shapes. The 1990s discovered neon as a design element, while most recently, minimalist, often monochrome designs reproduced the spirit of the time. REHAU’s elegant matt RAUVISIO noir collection brings this diverse stylistic history to life, thereby inspiring eye-catching, memorable designs. “Our customers include interior architects and designers who have their own ideas and visions. We use mood boards to support their creative process and provide suggestions when looking for combinations – while consciously offering maximum freedom for individual design,” says Vincent Kummer, Marketing Director Interior Solutions at REHAU.

Enabling Exceptional Design

RAUVISIO noir moodboard 2010
RAUVISIO noir 2010s

Enabling Exceptional Design is the motto of the Interior Solutions Division and the
RAUVISIO noir collection is the perfect ambassador for this, thinks Vincent Kummer:
“Enabling Exceptional Design is our mission. This journey through time reveals the diversity and opportunities of combining surfaces by matching designs. This provides architects with precisely the scope they need to turn their ideas into reality.” The surface collection therefore combines elegance and the highest level of craftsmanship. “Our aim is to generate momentum so that the material can be used for exceptional creative achievements.” The silky matt finish turns surfaces into a tactile and visual highlight. The robust HPL surface is a versatile material that is suitable for mechanically highly stressed horizontal use as a worktop in the kitchen or a counter in a shop, for example. The 12 carefully selected colours provide countless opportunities when designing furniture and interiors – especially as RAUVISIO noir can be combined with other REHAU products to match their design. For example, front panels can be extended to include perfectly fitting RAUVOLET elegant matt cabinet shutters. And anyone seeking a more affordable alternative for vertical areas can perfectly combine this surface collection with RAUVISIO
brilliant elegant matt – without having to compromise on the look and feel.

Ultimately, the end customer not only has an aesthetic highlight in their home, shop, office or bar – REHAU products also meet the highest standards in terms of quality and functionality. The easy to clean, antibacterial RAUVISIO noir material features anti-fingerprint and soft touch, is highly resistant to scratches and micro-scratches and reflects hardly any light even at flat angles. Excellent heat and water resistance as well as impact
resistance round off its functional benefits.

Experts are impressed by this combination of style and functionality: the collection has now received three design awards. RAUVISIO noir won the reddot award in 2021, followed by the German Design Award and iconic Innovative Interior Award in 2022.

Anyone who would like to be inspired by RAUVISIO noir can embark upon a colourful journey through the decades and request samples with just a few clicks.

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