SCHOCK Presents World First:

CRISTADUR® Green Line Sets New Standards for Sustainable Sinks

Standing still is an unknown concept to the inventors of the quartz composite sink from Regen, Germany. In their in-house R&D lab there’s an innovative team working continually on optimising their high-grade products. And the team did it again: they created a world first in the form of CRISTADUR® Green Line, the most sustainable quartz composite sinks from SCHOCK. With this evolution, the innovation leader gives dealers the option to position themselves and offers end customers a product line that is consistent with the movement towards conscious consumption and greater consideration of the way every individual’s actions shape the future. The innovative material’s development marks a rigorous continuation of the sustainability drive pursued by the Bavarian company, which has always produced its quartz composite sinks in harmony with nature and the local region: SCHOCK is the only quartz composite sink manufacturer to produce exclusively in Germany, naturally using quartz sand from the local region.

SCHOCK Green Line
Composition of the world first CRISTADUR® Green Line: the 75% quartz sand content is combined with natural colour additives and binders made from recycled or renewable materials.

With the development of CRISTADUR® Green Line, SCHOCK has now taken this one step further. For the new line, the company developed the first sink material to consist of >99 percent natural, renewable or recycled raw materials. “We are always moving forward and so we take the things that really move us and our customers and we turn them into reality. CRISTADUR® Green Line is the latest result of our innovative spirit,” says Sven-Michael Funck, CSO at SCHOCK. Like all SCHOCK sinks, CRISTADUR® Green Line models also contain up to 75 percent quartz. What’s special about the Green Line is that the quartz sand is combined with natural colour additives and binders consisting of recycled or renewable components. Initially, there are seven models available internationally: the new highlight model Kallio M-175, the Greenwich N-100L and N-100XL and the Wembley D-100, D-100L, D-150 and D-200. The company’s plan is to extend the CRISTADUR® Green Line product range in the future and for the future.

A closed cycle for the quartz composite sink

Besides the evolution in production, SCHOCK has also optimised the material cycle and introduced from 2021 a recycling concept as an extra service for CRISTADUR® Green Line consumers: when their long-lasting sink reaches the end of its life, they can return the product to SCHOCK to go back into the company’s closed cycle. Old sinks will be recycled with cutting-edge technology and reused in the production of new sinks – naturally at the same level of quality for which SCHOCK is renowned. The recycling concept will initially be implemented in Germany.

The whitest white meets intense graphite black

The most sustainable quartz composite material from SCHOCK is naturally manufactured with all the premium quality features inherent in CRISTADUR® and is being launched in two different colours: Night and Day. Back in 2013, SCHOCK already unveiled its blackest black in the form of Puro – a true shade of jet black. Now the innovation leader is taking it one step further with the new colours Day and Night. Night embodies a truly intense graphite black, while Day offers the sharpest possible contrast: the whitest of pure whites that SCHOCK has ever made. Both of the new, sustainable colours now shine out of SCHOCK’s varied portfolio.

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