Siemens: The new glassdraft Air ventilation system

Design takes the lead

Space-saving home appliances, order and design are very popular in the new normal, as confirmed in a current study on “Household and cooking after coronavirus”. According to the study, there is an increased demand for solutions that combine esthetics, function and an emotional moment. Just like the new glassdraftAir from Siemens Home Appliances. The innovative ventilation system impresses with its minimalist look: At first glance, all it comprises is a slim glass panel that can be extended from the countertop behind the cooktop during cooking. The glassdraftAir impresses with its powerful ventilation performance and a light show that turns cooking into a real show.

When no cooking is taking place, the glassdraftAir is hidden in the kitchen block right behind the cooktop. That way, nothing literally stands in the way of the generous sense of space of the open-plan kitchen. The kitchen not only looks tidy, but also homely, elegant and presentable – and perfectly matches the look that’s currently in vogue in the urban setting. After all, 72% of the city dwellers surveyed consider a tidy home important, 78% would like home appliances that don’t take up much space, and almost half (46%) would like these appliances to adapt to their needs.

Minimalist look, maximum performance

In action, its slim and elegant glass design not only makes it an irresitstible eye-catcher but also supports its performance: Thanks to guided air technology, an air curtain is formed behind the panel, which optimizes the air flow. This ensures that fumes and odours from all cooking zones are reliably extraxted.

During the cooking process, the climateControl sensor continuously measures the amount of odours and fumes and precisely adjusts the power level. The iQDrive motor provides not only extremely powerful extraction, but also operates exceptionally quietly in combination with Guided Air. Stimulating table talk can therefore continue unhindered even during cooking. Incidentally, according to the study, this peace and quiet is especially important for people who live in an urban environment. For 72%, it is particularly important that their home appliances are quiet.

Colors, light and atmosphere

emotionLight Pro accompanies cooking with colorful accents on the polished edge of the glass panel, with cooks being able to choose from one of nine preinstalled colors. For those who want more, they can select their very own personal favorite shade via the Home Connect app and adapt the setting to suit the current mood. The app also provides access to a host of other functions. For example, users can control the glassdraftAir from the dining table, without having to get up. Another convenient function is notification by push message if, for example, the filter needs changing.

Coordinated thanks to cookConnect

The ideal supplement to the glassdraftAir design is the Siemens activeLight cooktop. Instead of conventional cooking zones it has an interactive light matrix on which pots and pans can be placed freely. The cooktop and the glassdraftAir communicate with each other via cookConnect. That means the extractor system power can be controlled directly from the activeLight cooktop – as, incidentally, from all the other Siemens cooktops equipped with cookConnect. Here, too, impressive design once again meets state-of-the-art technology.

Siemens is the premier German home appliance brand, and sets new global standards in terms of technology, innovation and design. The product range encompasses both free-standing and built-in appliances in the areas of cooking, laundry care, refrigeration, freezing, and dishwashing. The range is rounded off by consumer products, with a focus on coffee preparation and floor care. For more than 165 years, the name Siemens has stood for performance, innovation, quality, reliability, and internationality. Siemens is also a global leader in the development and manufacture of resource-efficient home appliances. Since 1967, the brand has been part of the company BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, based in Munich.

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