SINK GREEN Update: SCHOCK Is Now Carbon Neutral!

Calculating, avoiding, reducing, offsetting CO2: SCHOCK has achieved carbon neutrality for the company and the product, thus reaching a milestone in the SINK GREEN mission.

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SCHOCK Carbon Neutral

“This is the beginning of SINK GREEN,” promises punk legend Iggy Pop, SCHOCK brand ambassador, in a campaign video in which he describes the company’s sustainability strategy and the associated CRISTADUR® Green Line, a sink generation that is ~99% based on natural, renewable or recycled raw materials. With the USP of this product line and this attention-grabbing campaign, SCHOCK is giving kitchen retailers an exceptional story with which to inspire consumers looking for sustainable, stylish sinks for their kitchen. “People looking for high-quality sinks that meet high standards in terms of design, colour and functionality will also get certified sustainability if they buy from us. That’s the result of SINK GREEN, our consistent path to a sustainable future,” says Sven-Michael Funck, CSO at SCHOCK.

Towards carbon neutrality with the SINK GREEN package of measures

This milestone on the path to carbon neutrality was achieved through a series of measures: First SCHOCK had a partner calculate their detailed carbon footprint according to the GHG Protocol, and the company defined the necessary steps on that basis. Then SCHOCK implemented a series of measures to avoid or reduce emissions. These included switching to green electricity from hydropower, increasing energy efficiency by achieving a 45% reduction in electricity consumption since 2010, and increasing the recycling rate by reaching a point where 95% of packaging can be separated by type. Any emissions that remain unavoidable after all options for reducing them have been taken are offset by SCHOCK through ClimatePartner’s climate protection projects. ClimatePartner has a portfolio of more than 100 climate protection projects certified to the highest standards spread across various countries and involving a range of technologies. Customers can see how much carbon SCHOCK has offset through an ID number: “It was important to us to ensure transparency on how we achieved this milestone. We want to make our contribution to a colourful and green future in the form of carbon-neutral and stylish sinks and be a partner to the kitchen trade that inspires end customers with this overall package,” says Sven-Michael Funck.

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