Solutions4Furniture: a collaboration between REHAU and Pfleiderer

The perfect board with the perfect edgeband

Solutions4Furniture enables REHAU and Pfleiderer to offer their customers significant benefits. The two companies have combined their expertise to make it easier to access the perfect furniture component. When used together, the PrimeBoard lacquered board and RAUKANTEX pro edgeband solution create the ideal component for exclusive interiors and furnishings. This collaboration offers OEM partners and furniture manufacturers a wide range of benefits, enabling them to set themselves apart from competitors in the eyes of their customers. They also benefit from simplified ordering, processing and after-sales, as well as rapid availability of the colour collection.

Pfleiderer Solutions4Furniture colour collection
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Solutions4Furniture combines the best products from both companies. Pfleiderer’s contribution is PrimeBoard, a lacquered board with outstanding properties, and this is complemented by RAUKANTEX pro, the perfectionist in REHAU’s range of edgeband solutions, ensuring a permanent invisible joint. The perfect component is then manufactured by HUNGER. This unbeatable combination offers a unique selling point for customers of Solutions4Furniture, enabling furniture manufacturers to supply their customers quickly with high-quality furniture fronts and components, as well as exceptional service.

Quick availability, starting from a batch size of one

The quality of the component is a key factor in creating a unique selling point that sets you apart from the competition. But customers want more than that: they want certified quality, production from a batch size of one, and quick and flexible availability. All of these things were taken into consideration when creating Solutions4Furniture. There are two options to choose from, depending on the customer’s wishes. With the single-source option, the customer orders finished fronts or components with invisible joint quality from a qualified partner – the company Hunger in Bünde – which also manufactures the products, starting from a batch size of one. With the direct purchase option, the customer orders the PrimeBoard directly from Pfleiderer and the edgeband from REHAU, on the usual terms. They are then processed by the customer. In both cases, the Solutions4Furniture customers benefit from secure supply chains and immediate availability of the decorative designs, as there is no set-up process. If the customer chooses the first option, then they also only have one point of contact for the whole process and don’t need to worry about the processing. The products can be manufactured from a batch size of one – and customer-specific colours and dimensions are also possible (minimum order quantities then apply).

An impressive duo

By combining RAUKANTEX pro and PrimeBoard, REHAU and Pfleiderer have created an impressive duo. RAUKANTEX pro is the perfectionist in REHAU’s range of edgebands and its 100% adhesive-free polymer functional layer creates a permanent invisible joint. RAUKANTEX pro provides maximum lightfastness and chemical resistance. The functional layer is matched with the hardness of the decorative layer to prevent frictional wear and tear on the joint during everyday use, creating a seamless furniture component.

The innovative PrimeBoard was developed for exclusive interiors and vertical indoor applications. A high-quality multi-layer coating provides the boards with a PUR functional layer. The permanently elastic substrate compensates for any thermal and mechanical forces and does not become brittle, guaranteeing special processing stability even under high levels of stress. ‘This ensures high-quality results when sawing, milling or drilling, without the material ever tearing or splitting,’ explains Sebastian Heese, Industrial Sales Manager at Pfleiderer. The use of UV-cured, solvent-free acrylic lacquers makes the surfaces particularly robust and they therefore retain their quality long term. The multi-layer coating technology also ensures excellent colour stability. The matt version of PrimeBoard optimally combines a super-matt appearance with a velvety smooth and warm finish. Thanks to its anti-fingerprint technology, the gloss version retains its eye-catching mirror gloss effect, even with daily use, adding extra character to a room.

RAUKANTEX pro and PrimeBoard – an impressive duo that is unparalleled in the furniture sector and for which REHAU and Pfleiderer have now created a pooled package of benefits with Solutions4Furniture. Further information is available on the REHAU ( and Pfleiderer ( websites.

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