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TEMPUR® mattresses and pillows have stood for pressure-relieving sleeping comfort for over 30 years. Even with the first mattress collection, the material, which was originally developed by NASA to relieve pressure for astronauts, has proven itself in the bedroom and countless people around the globe appreciate the special comfort properties of the unique TEMPUR® Material: It adapts individually to the body and keeps the spine constantly in its anatomically correct shape.

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TEMPUR® is an open-cell, visco-elastic, pressure-relieving and thermoactive material that adapts exactly to your body shape. Billions of open cells nestle gently to the form of your body and give you optimal support where it is needed. Feel the pressure-relieving feeling form evening to morning and enjoy outstanding comfort and individual support.

There are four TEMPUR® mattresses (Cloud, Sensation, Hybrid and Original) in three firmnesses from soft, medium to firm. To find out which TEMPUR® mattress suits you best, try the different models.

Ergonomically and classically shaped sleeping pillows, rigid and motorized adjustable system frames as well as exceptionally designed beds complete the sleeping and living comfort. All TEMPUR® sleeping pillows are specially tailored to the different sleeping positions and needs of each individual sleep. Regardless of whether the back, side or prone position is preferred, TEMPUR® offers the right pillow for every type of sleep.

Our CoolTouch™ Technology keeps the cover fresh and helps to dissipate heat – for a restful, well-tempered sleep. This technology has proven to successful in mattresses in recent years that we have also equipped our sleeping pillows with these features.

Whether as a box spring bed or relax bed with TEMPUR® system frames – configure your favorite bed form a variety of components. Choose headboards, colors, surfaces and feet according to your taste and complement it with the perfectly matched TEMPUR® mattresses.

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