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Cutting-edge design

How can we elevate the simple edgeband to a design feature in its own right? Ever since edgebands were invented, architects and designers have been finding ways of making them an integral part of their interiors. Attractive structural changes between the surface and edge, a deliberate mix of different textures, decorative elements that extend to the wall and furniture – the possibilities are endless.

REHAU feature edgebands
REHAU feature edgebands (Copyright: REHAU)

With the designs in the REHAU Creative Design Collection, edgebands no longer have to match the panel, giving you unprecedented creative freedom. Forget uniformity and fitting in – we’ve turned the traditional rules of edgebands upside down. As a leading edgeband specialist, REHAU can produce a customised series of samples for designers and interiors specialists. Samples are available from the REHAU homepage at

The 2019/2020 collection includes everything from visually striking designs that reflect light to three-dimensional effects, textured combinations of metal and glass, and edgebands inspired by natural surfaces.

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