The Interprint Design Day 2019 in Moscow

Tomorrow’s Interior Design

During the 'Mebel' expo in Moscow, the 58th floor of the Empire Tower turned into a meeting place for all those who work on tomorrow's interior design. The industry met at the Interprint Design Day 2019 to exchange experiences, discover new trends and ideas and listen to interesting lectures. In co-operation with 'Mebelniy Business', a trade magazine for the furniture industry, 150 guests from more than 60 companies accepted Interprint's invitation to let themselves be inspired by three very different speakers and new decors at the Moscow International Business Centre.

Interprint 2019 PM Design Day Moscow Skyline

The location with a breathtaking view became the platform for future decor trends. The visitors from Russia, Belorussia, Uzbekistan and Iran had the opportunity of getting together with experts from the derived timber product and furniture industries and designers and looking at tomorrow's interior design in a relaxed atmosphere. And all that co-located with Mebel 2019, which takes place on the Expocentre Fairgrounds in November each year.

Three inspiring lectures for the industry

Maurizio Burrato from Interprint Italy dedicated his lecture titled "Be different in the age of changes" to various brands that are, will remain or could become, successful in the quickly changing market. In this context, he also presented the new PRESS PLAY concept and surprised the audience with the first decor collection that isn't one. The new "Decor Playlist" started successfully with three decors and will be gradually expanded – a completely new possibility of quickly responding to emerging trends and movements.

Maurizio Burrato also coined the new expression: "We are the 2.5%", which is based on Everett Roger's diagram titled "Diffusion of innovations", during his lecture. According to Roger's diagram, only 2.5% of the companies, households or persons immediately adopt and implement the respective innovation.

Tatyana Komissarova, Dean at the Moscow High School for Marketing and Business Development (MBA, PhD), talked about the "Digitalization of the consumer" topic, which covered the needs and behaviour patterns of consumers in a digitalised world.

The third speaker was Elmira Shabayeva, Head of Marketing at the Rivalli furniture company, with her lecture titled "Think global, act local". She examined the trends at global trade shows and how such trends are adapted to the Russian market.

That is how the Future of Interior Design Sounds

At the end, the PRESS PLAY Sound literally accompanied the live presentation of the suitable decors. Amberg, Primus and Meta were very well received by all visitors. Oak designs like Patinato Oak, Diego and Artisan were also favourites at the event. Artisan was particularly put into the limelight because a success story was predicted for this decor in Russia just as much as in Europe.

The Interprint Design Day 2019 was one of the most successful events in Russia during the last few years. The new concept of interaction received plenty of positive feedback.

"We are pleased that the new format was received that well. We thank all participants, our guests and the speakers who made this special event possible. We are certain that you belong to this 2.5 per cent that will push our industry forward in times of change," summarised Alexei Mezenev, Sales & Marketing Director at Interprint Russia.

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