Vauth-Sagel at SICAM 2019

Flexible systems for open-plan living spaces

More flexible, more comfortable, more open – at the Italian supplier industry trade fair SICAM, Vauth-Sagel will be responding to a current key trend: the blurring of the boundaries between the different living zones. In response to this trend, the company will be presenting products that work not only in the kitchen but also in the living area or utility room.

VS SUB Comfort

Clearly separated living spaces are a increasingly thing of the past. Instead, the boundaries between the different areas are becoming blurred. Many people prefer coordinated home concepts with elements, colours and shapes that are repeated throughout. At the interzum, Vauth-Sagel already showed an approach that will now be consistently continued at the SICAM in Italy: "We are opening up to all living areas," says Vauth-Sagel CEO Claus Sagel. "As a system developer with a high level of material expertise, we can create components that are universally usable." In order to visually illustrate this diversity, Vauth-Sagel will be dividing its trade fair stand B10/C11 in Hall N2 into different zones: living, utility room, kitchen – the products will be shown where they are actually used in everyday life. The unusual aspect: they are no longer designed for specific areas of use only. The systems work just as well in the living area as they do in the kitchen or the utility room – visitors to the stand will therefore see some of the products twice.

VS SUB Comfort: the comfortable solutions for opening up the lower area of cabinets equipped with doors

The storage space solution, which has already won four awards and makes it easier to access the lower two storage levels of cabinets with doors, is one of the presentation's highlights. The product impresses with innovative technology: when the cabinet doors are opened, two trays slide out directly towards the user. Things that are needed most frequently are stored on the upper tray and can therefore be conveniently accessed as soon as the cupboard door is opened.  If you want to access the lower level, you can simply push the top level back in. Thanks to its clever kinematics, both trays slide softly back into the cupboard when the doors are closed. The system can be integrated into cupboards with one door as well as cupboards with two doors.

VS COR Wheel Pro 75: brings the inside out in kitchens or living rooms

VS COR Wheel Pro 75 has also been designed with open-plan living in mind. Originally developed for kitchens, the corner cabinet solution without a space-consuming central fixing pole is now also available for living areas – with a lower tray depth that matches the standard living room storage unit depths. With VS COR Wheel Pro 75, Vauth-Sagel illustrates how to unlock more storage space and how to make it comfortably accessible – especially in combination with VS COR Close Assist, its worldwide unique, patented soft close fitting for connected corner cabinet doors.

VS COR Close Assist: premium-class soft close guide

The comfort level of corner cabinet solution VS COR Wheel Pro 75 can be used to its fullest potential in combination with VS COR Close Assist. VS COR Close Assist is a small component with a huge effect: the unique fitting solves the problem of the hinge version for which soft close has so far not been available. It also prevents the protruding handle from colliding with the adjacent door and can be fitted afterwards independent of the interior fitting version.

VS SUB Basket: so beautiful it doesn't have to hide behind a cabinet front

With the new open 900mm width VS SUB Basket, Vauth-Sagel has added a genuine highlight and an alternative to a classic drawer to its portfolio: the beautifully shaped basket in a contemporary steel design offers easily accessible storage space to cooking fans and is so aesthetically appealing that it doesn't need to be hidden behind a front.

VS SUB Flex: it's all in the name

For the trade fair, the base cabinet pull-out VS SUB Flex was equipped with the VS ELEMENTS Orga Cook Set, which consists trays in three different heights and widths that can be individually arranged as required inside one storage box. Spoons or spices, for example, can therefore be stored in a practical way yet are also quickly to hand. In addition, some established classic will be on show in the kitchen setting: the tall larder versions VS TAL Gate Pro and VS TAL Larder, the corner cabinet solution Cornerstone MAXX, the base cabinet module VS SUB Side, the waste separation system VS ENVI Space and the storage solution VS ENVI Drawer.

However, despite all of the aesthetic design options for the prominent kitchens and living rooms, there are, of course, also some things you do not want to display for everyone to see. Waste bins, laundry to be washed or stockpiled supplies are just some examples. In the past, these were stored in utility rooms in the basement, a garage or a shed. The new, more compact living concepts frequently lack these kinds of storage spaces. Solutions for integrated utility areas are therefore also important to Vauth-Sagel. For the interior storage of larger volumes of supplies, Vauth-Sagel will be presenting functional solutions from its wire portfolio – and will thereby also demonstrate the company's continuity from its origins until today.

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