Vauth-Sagel: The head of strategic purchasing is retiring

Dieter Wiesemann will continue to work for Vauth-Sagel in an advisory role

Dieter Wiesemann started his career about 50 years ago with Mauser Waldeck AG, which has been part of the Vauth-Sagel group of companies since 2004. Dieter Wiesemann is now saying goodbye to the day-to-day business. The long-term strategic purchasing manager completed his full-time role at the end of February. However, his expertise is not lost; remaining as a senior consultant, to the group.

Vauth-Sagel Dieter Wiesenmann

Dieter Wiesemann, a trusted companion, recognized colleague and employee will be greatly missed.  He knows both Vauth-Sagel and the industry very well - and the industry knows him. We thank him for his dedicated work and valuable input,” said Vauth-Sagel managing director Claus Sagel on the departure of Dieter Wiesemann.

Dieter Wiesemann: always deeply rooted in the furniture industry

On 1st August 1970, Dieter Wiesemann began his training as an industrial clerk at Mauser Waldeck AG, which has belonged to the Vauth-Sagel group of companies since 2004. After completing his military service, he took up employment as a purchasing clerk at Mauser Waldeck and in 1987 he joined the supervisory board for 15 years.  In 1992, he became head of purchasing, in 1995, he was he was authorized signatory - and in the same year he also took over the management of Mauser Consult and Handel GmbH.  Since September 2003, Dieter Wiesemann had been the strategic purchasing manager for the entire Vauth-Sagel group.

A successor has been appointed. Wiesemann will continue to provide assistance as a senior consultant. "Although I am withdrawing from the operational business, I will continue to advise the group of companies at the management's request," said Dieter Wiesemann.  Christoph Schmitz will take over his operational succession in purchasing for system technology - he is the new team leader of strategic purchasing.

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