Vivonio adjusts production capacities

The Coronavirus pandemic has an impact on all areas of economic life. The furniture industry is also affected. The Vivonio Group responds to the challenges of the situation and adapts the production activities of its companies to current requirements. While production is temporarily suspended at Maja Wittichenau and Staud, the other members of the Group continue to produce – naturally in compliance with the highest hygiene standards.

Vivonio Elmar Duffner
Vivonio Elmar Duffner (Copyright: Vivonio)

During the Coronavirus pandemic, economic operators have to maintain supply chains on the one hand, while keeping an eye on the health of their employees and assuming social responsibility. The Vivonio Group is now reacting to this special situation. Two companies within the Group are currently making the following adjustments in production: Staud, the specialist in sleeping furniture, and Maja Wittichenau, the manufacturing plant for lightweight furniture, have suspended production starting from Monday, 23 March 2020. Maja Wittichenau will continue to deliver products from the finished goods warehouse to the major customer Ikea, so that the online trade that continues there can be served.

All other plants are producing for the time being, and will implement the current orders on schedule as usual. "We decided to take this step mainly for one reason," says Elmar Duffner, Managing Director and CEO of Vivonio. "In addition to our customer Ikea, which closed all its German stores on Tuesday, other retail partners have closed their warehouses and are thus no longer accepting goods. As things stand today, the suspension of production will be maintained until at least Easter (CW 15)."

Vivonio and the individual companies are relying on active communication during this special time: The company will approach customers directly and keep them informed about availability and new developments – and keep them as up-to-date as possible: "Like all players in politics and business, we are watching very closely how the situation develops. We are constantly reassessing the situation and will make the right decisions at short notice in the interests of our customers and employees. And of course we hope that the overall situation will soon ease up again."

All companies, including Staud and Maja Wittenichau, can be reached as usual. The sales staff and management are available to assist customers by e-mail or telephone. "We want to take uncertainties away from our customers and enter into an open dialogue – so that we can take off together again after this exceptional situation," says Elmar Duffner, who is confident that the Vivonio group of companies will master the challenges of the Corona pandemic.

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