What not everyone knows about me (now, of course, they do):

Actually, it's no secret at all: I love water. If I ever get lost, all you have to do is look at the nearest waters, and you're sure to find me there.
I used to be an artistic gymnast - back then. And I even took part in a German youth championship - and came ninth.

If I were a piece of furniture...

...then an oven, because I'm passionate about baking.
Or a refrigerator, because I always keep a bottle of champagne cold.

Was there a life before GOOS COMMUNICATION?

I've been at home in media agencies for many years: first 8 years at GFMO (which then changed its name to OMD, then GFMO again, then OMD GFMO and so on). Then I went to Mediahaus Ströbel for 13 years (which then changed its name to MQI, then to CIA, then to CIA Mediahaus, then to Tempus, then to Mediaedge, then to MEC and so on).

So in 21 years I sat on only 2 chairs at what felt like 20 different agencies :-). This was followed by 2 years at BCN (Burda) and a short 6 months at Airbus.

Since August 2015, I've been back on my patch and I hope to stay here for the next 21 years - I'm a loyal soul.


I take care of the team and the back office, with everything that goes with it.
I sort and order office supplies, book trips, walk our agency dog Cuca and organise appointments. I check the conference room and do the outgoing and incoming mail, I make coffee and keep the cash book.I do the shopping and take care of catering and agency flowers...
In addition, I am the team's official Excel user manual. Because I really know my way around this programme! 

What do I do when I am not working for GOOS COMMUNICATION?

Everything that you can do near, in or on the water: paddling, sailing, splashing around...
Moreover, I am volunteering in the field of animal protection: HTCV and PeTA are not just supported financially by me.

What is a typical dish that I like to prepare myself?

Italian, of course: Pasta con Salsiccia e finocchio (Pasta with sausage and fennel). Yummy.

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