Curtain up for THEWALL® by Lechner

Omnipresence on all channels

Task: Push product launch with media presence across channels

Goal: Attract attention in the short term and increase product awareness

THEWALL® by Lechner turns the wall into a multifunctional interior highlight. The unique back wall system combines exclusive design with innovative technology. It was developed in a cooperation between two unequal partners: with THEWALL® by Lechner, the start-up THEWALL® and the traditional company Lechner are taking unusual paths and forming a perfect symbiosis. It only took months from the idea to the market launch. A speed that requires courage and agility - also in the communication for the product launch with the target group kitchen trade.

Individual campaign generates short-term omnipresence

Accompanying the marketing measures of the participating companies, we were asked to develop a campaign that would ensure a short-term omnipresence in the kitchen industry - without losing sight of the budget. Our approach: we focus on the online newsletters of the industry media and generate as many contact points as possible in the short term. Over a very compact period of two weeks, we place the product several times at short intervals in the relevant B2B online newsletters and on the corresponding online platforms. In this way, we create a recognition value and are present in the trade media immediately after the market launch and the accompanying online coverage until further editorial coverage in the print editions of the industry magazines. In addition, we place eye-catching print advertisements in selected trade media.

Extremely high reach in the shortest time

Result Paid Media Online: A total of around twenty placements in online newsletters as well as on websites and Facebook pages of the industry magazines with a total reach of approx. 95,000 subscribers and a further approx. 240,000 views on the websites.

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