What not everyone knows about me (now, of course, they do):

I really like being outside in the fresh air. That's why I used to have two dogs - who unfortunately passed away a few years ago. Back in the days, I also enjoyed fresh air when I was gliding - here, too, I was outside all day and could really enjoy the world below me. My tip: definitely do a gliding flight. There are opportunities almost everywhere. In the past few years, I've enjoyed playing golf - again outside, again sport, skill and concentration. Who knows what else is to come...


If I were a piece of furniture...

...I’d be produced in East Westphalia, because furniture and East Westphalia belong together like me and our team. Nothing gets in the way of that and both are a great loves of mine. East Westphalia is down-to-earth, not always the centre of the world, but successful - for centuries. Because there are many good companies here and even better employees who give their best every day for the living room, bedroom and the number one centre of life, the kitchen. And that connects us!

Was there a life before GOOS COMMUNICATION?

Feels like no. However, as a clever person (the philosopher Odo Mar) said: future needs origin. I learned a lot from my father and from Holzmann publishing house (today Vincentz Network) - my only employer. From this I developed the strength and competence to make the agency what it is, together with the staff. Without the life before and the team of today, I would certainly not be writing these lines now. Maybe I would be a pilot? But certainly not a golf pro.


Looking, watching, optimising, talking, exchanging, discussing. Conceiving, editing, summarising. And very important: listening, drawing conclusions, adapting behaviour. For many years, Yvonne has supported me in the management and has structured and organised our business operations. This gives me the freedom I need to further develop the communications agency and other projects, such as our small subsidiary The Wild Goose (link https://www.the-wild-goose.com).

What do I do when I am not working for GOOS COMMUNICATION?

Spending time with my family. Whether at home, on the golf course or out jogging with my son - the main thing is to be together and enjoy the time together. And NO appointments. Very important: the mobile phone stays on silent or simply at home!

What is a typical dish that I like to prepare myself?

To be honest, I don't have to think about it too much because I'm not much of a cook. However, I discovered quiche for myself. This dish has a great tradition in Hamburg, which not everyone knows. I also like to barbecue - for my 28th birthday, which I've been celebrating for a few years now, I got a big gas grill that I use all year round.

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