GRASS Guided Press Tour 2019


Task: Conceptual design and organisation of the event - finding topics for the tour, personal support for the journalists on site, complete event organisation and handling, preparation of press documents.

In order to be represented as a partner of the furniture manufacturers at the "Küchenmeile A30" trade fair, the GRASS company organises the GRASS Guided Press Tour in cooperation with GOOS COMMUNICATION every year. On the theme of the tour "Be daring, be different? (How) do the individual kitchen manufacturers differentiate themselves? "GRASS was allowed to accompany 16 journalists to six renowned kitchen manufacturers who all use GRASS movement systems. The bus tour through East Westphalia was accompanied by lectures and stimulating discussions.

In the evening, a press dinner was held at a restaurant in Bielefeld, which was joined by other journalists and GRASS employees.

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