GRASS-OMEGA brand cooperation graces the cover of Furniture Journal

Press relations, international press event, interview trade media

Task: Initiation of the press event, invitation management of the journalists, briefing and consulting of the client

Urbanisation, housing shortages, changing purchasing behaviour, the increasing importance of online business, price pressure, digitalisation, smart homes, batch size 1 production, growing competitive pressure and, last but not least, Brexit - the challenges for the European furniture industry are manifold. For the English kitchen manufacturer OMEGA PLC and the movement systems specialist GRASS, this is reason enough to join forces, use synergies and tackle the change side by side. In addition to joint marketing activities, the focus will also be on the development of new sales concepts. To mark the start of the official brand cooperation, OMEGA and GRASS jointly invited customers and international press representatives to Thorne, near Doncaster / South Yorkshire, the headquarters of OMGEA. The participation of the journalists as well as the subsequent coverage in Austria, Germany and the UK was initiated by us, resulting in extremely successful coverage in major German-speaking and UK industry media. Even media that could not attend reported on the basis of the press information provided. In OMEGA's home country, the brand cooperation even made it to the cover of the September issue of Furniture Journal, in addition to extensive coverage on the first four pages of the magazine.

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