Happy birthday, RAUKANTEX! Anniversary magazine for 50 years of edgeband competence

Task: Concept, editing, project coordination

Goal: Creation of a corporate publishing magazine for external communication of the product-brand anniversary, increase identification of employees and customers with the company and product, highlight the relevance of edgebanding for furniture design.

Rehau 50 Years RAUKANTEX EN

This year RAUKANTEX, the furniture edgeband innovation from REHAU, celebrates its birthday. The strong brand, with which REHAU simultaneously entered the Furniture Solutions sector, turns 50. The aim was to give the edgeband a moment in the spotlight with a high-quality magazine and its own online presence on www.rehau.com/raukantex-50 - and to give all interested parties, especially employees and customers, a piece of the history, present and future of the edgeband.

Focus on innovation and partnership

The magazine aims to present the furniture edgeband in all its facets. Under the headings of "innovation" and "partnership", the edgeband was highlighted using different text formats such as interviews, background reports and product presentations. The aim was to take readers on a journey into the past, present and future. The focus was not on the history, as is usual with many anniversary publications, but on the present and future, in order to put the innovative strength of the company and product in the spotlight. The partnership aspect was incorporated by integrating customer testimonials, and it was also made clear that edgebanding and furniture form a functional and strong design partnership that is reflected in perfect furniture design.

The magazine is printed in high quality finishing, is published in German and English and is sent worldwide to customers, partners, journalists and employees.

The online presence will be a central content hub for the furniture edge product and will also be continuously populated with new input beyond the anniversary year so that the story of edgebanding can continue to be successfully written and communicated.

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