What not everyone knows about me (now, of course):

I am a passionate skier. Even if skiing in Hamburg is a bit difficult, I'm already looking forward to numerous trips to the snow. The mountains have a magical effect on me. I can look at the landscape for hours. And when I have skis and snow under my feet, I'm the 0happiest person in the world.

If I were a piece of furniture…

…then I would be a couch. The perfect place to retire, rest after a hard day, watch a movie, or have a long chat with your favorite people.

Was there a life before GOOS COMMUNICATION?

In my life before GOOS, I graduated from high school in Bremen. I knew for a long time that I wanted to work in the marketing/communication industry later on. My father introduced me to the subject at an early age and showed me the beautiful facets.


Since I just started at GOOS-COMMUNICATION this week, I can't say, what my tasks in the team are yet. However, I am looking forward to the time when I can independently interact with customers.  

What do I do when I am not working for GOOS COMMUNICATION?

In my free time, I like to play soccer with my friends. Unfortunately, there is no more time for a club. All the more I look forward to the rounds of football with my friends. In the winter months, I like to ski. During my year abroad, in Montana, I discovered my passion for winter sports and today I can't imagine life without snow and mountains.

What is a typical dish that I like to prepare myself?

One dish that I like to prepare for myself is pasta with pesto. It's quick, uncomplicated, and tastes good. On a good day, you throw in some feta and tomatoes and there you have the perfect dinner.

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