Senior PR Consultant & Key Account Manager

What not everyone knows about me (now, of course, they do):

I have a huge weakness for James Bond, so much so that my holidays take me to locations and filming sites of the films. My husband and I then record them on our blog and Instagram channel @HuntingBond. We even took inspiration from the British agent's cosmos when naming our daughter.

However, I won't hide a "pet peeve" on my part - I don't like surprises. I even read the last page of a book first because I want to know how it ends.

If I were a piece of furniture...

…then certainly a large cosy sitting area, as traditionally found in Morocco - for me, the perfect place to read books, enjoy films or an extended conversation.

Was there a life before GOOS COMMUNICATION?

Before I moved to Hamburg in 2016, I spent time at different places around the world. After my Bachelor's degree in Freiburg, Damascus and Jerusalem, I moved to Berlin and New York for my Master's degree in Comparative Religion and Cultural Studies. I had already worked as a freelance journalist during my studies and am glad that I was able to work in Cairo for another two years before I was drawn to the "dark side of power". For the past five years, the PR industry has been my professional home and I have had the privilege of working for large and small companies from different sectors. At GOOS COMMUNICATION, I can finally live out my passion for interiors on the job.


I would describe myself as a "full-blooded communicator" - on every channel, whether print, online or social media, I try to find the best pivot point for my clients. I also look forward to developing new formats and stories with my colleagues.

What do I do when I am not working for GOOS COMMUNICATION?

Always on the move: in the playgrounds of Hamburg with my family, dancing rock'n'roll, kickboxing, yoga or diving. I only take a break for a good book or movie (e.g. Marvel, in case James Bond is waiting again) and a cuddle session with my daughter.

What is a typical dish that I like to prepare myself?

In fact, I love to cook vegan delicacies, my speciality is as simple as can be: hummus and baba ganoush. For me, these are two staple foods and absolute happiness makers.

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