Our values: The heart and lighthouse of our work

After a little more than 5 years, we reviewed and revised our agency values at the very beginning of the year as part of our strategy workshop. The result was that despite many internal and external changes, the core values remained the same: They are the basis for our work in the team and in our dealings with our clients, partners and service providers.

After all, our values have accompanied us for a good quarter of our agency's life and have since provided a firm orientation for our interaction. They are part of the company presentation, are discussed in meetings with new clients, are part of job interviews and are also used as a basis for discussions in staff appraisals. In short, they are a promise that we make to ourselves and to our partners. After the numerous changes in the last two years, we wanted to put these values to the test. What do we mean by the values? Are they still valid? Are they lived? Do they need to be adapted?

What is behind the new values can now be found very concisely on our agency website. Each team member has briefly explained one of the values here and we all agreed that we want to live and work under the associated core values such as respect, community, expertise, passion, quality but also trust and commitment.

Our values at a glance


-    We work in order to live
-    We treat each other with respect
-    We communicate goals and tasks clearly
-    We offer freedom and support for development
-    We are courageous - and we learn from mistakes  
-    We praise each other when possible and criticise each other when necessary
-    We listen: Every idea is worth listening to


-    We are content experts and successfully tell our clients' stories
-    We are a reliable, fair and transparent partner for our customers
-    We advise our clients honestly and critically
-    We advise our clients on breaking new ground and accompany them on their way
-    We have a strong network and make this available to our customers
-    We pool global industry knowledge and share it with our clients
-    We are the communication experts for the German-speaking market for international clients

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