Our visit to HAILO home & business

Von versteckten Perlen bis hin zu cleveren Haushaltshelfern

Personal contact and deep immersion in the products and brand philosophy of our customers are an important cornerstone of our work. That's why, at the start of our cooperation with HAILO home & business, we made our way to Haiger full of anticipation to gain a comprehensive insight into the business division and its diverse products.

The evening before, we were warmly welcomed by the team together with Marketing Manager Frank Peter Koch, who offered us a very special guided tour of Dillenburg. Together we explored the winding alleys of the historic old town near the castle, discovered many hidden gems and gained personal insights into the history and culture of the region off the beaten track. During a cosy evening with a view of the old town, we were able to talk at length with the HAILO team and gained exciting insights into what moves and drives the company and its employees.

The next day, things really got started. We began with a product briefing, during which we were able to get to know the HAILO home & business product range. This allowed us to gather initial ideas and approaches for concrete communication activities. From clever household helpers to professional solutions for companies - HAILO home & business really does have an impressive product range on offer. From fixed ladders and waste separation systems to smart innovations that make our everyday lives easier, it's all there. To round it all off, we took a detour to the in-house museum, where we were given a lively presentation of the company's 75-year history.

But that was not all: on a tour of the production, we were given the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes. We were fascinated by the impressive logistics and the precision with which the products were manufactured.

The visit to HAILO home & business in Haiger was incredibly enriching for us and our work. The vivid product briefing, the insights into production and the personal encounter with the team gave us a profound understanding of the company and its values. We are convinced that this experience will help us to build a successful partnership and develop targeted communication activities. Now our goal is: together with HAILO home & business, we want to spread the red dot to the companies and households of this world.


Lion: the adorable helper in production

Automation in a charming and personal way: during our tour through the production, the small, autonomous packing helper, which has been named Lion by its human colleagues - and which would sometimes be a real help with our parcel volume in the agency - evoked a little "Oh, how cute...".

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