Strategy workshop at Gut Altona: "Doing good things even better!"

Pulling ourselves out of the daily routine for two days and working together on the agency's vision for the future: That was the declared goal of our strategy workshop at the beginning of the new year. It was time for a detailed look back and, based on that, an outlook on the future of GOOS COMMUNICATION. The idyllically located Hotel Gut Altona in Wildeshausen offered us the perfect setting for this ambitious undertaking.

After an entertaining train ride, our coach Torsten Koschnitzke was already waiting for our arrival in the lovingly furnished library of the hotel. Together with him, we started implementing our ambitious agenda. The critical look at the past year quickly made it clear: We are all already very satisfied with the development of our agency! Thus, our focus for the next few days will be on making what is good even better in the future and deciding what we want to focus on and what might need an overhaul. Because one thing is quite clear - only as a team can the right course be set and only as a unit can our agency flourish successfully.

"Nothing is as constant as change" - Shaping tomorrow with yesterday's knowledge

Dealing with the questions and goals of the future also means always looking at the past. In our case, we look back on 20 years of GOOS COMMUNICATION in 2023 - an anniversary that fills us with joy and pride. We can hardly imagine a better occasion to look forward optimistically and to actively tackle and shape the future of our agency.

In open discussion rounds and small groups, we therefore worked out a collection of ideas that should help us in our daily work at the agency to tread new and courageous paths and to think outside the box. In doing so, our view wandered above all in the direction of our clients and partners. It is our large network that gives us a unique selling point in the furnishing industry and we are very keen to further expand and strengthen it.

However, this point plays an important role not only externally, but also internally. We want to continue to be a harmonious community that enjoys working together successfully. Our agency values are generally regarded as an important guideline for this and were therefore put under close scrutiny in the course of the workshop. Are our values still up to date? Is something missing? These are only two of the many questions we asked ourselves on this day. The result at the end of the day is a thoroughly revised version of our values that could not be more up-to-date - and with which we are all very satisfied.

GOOS VISION - Our agency in 5 years

After a cosy evening in the company of our colleagues, we started the second day of our strategy workshops full of fresh ideas. A close look at the results so far showed that many of the plans and goals we have committed to can be put into action in the short to medium term. But beyond that, we now also asked ourselves the question: What about the longer term? Where do we want to be in five years?

In creative working groups, we created images that depicted our agency as a ship - within a time frame of five years. As different as the sketches were, the commonalities prevailed here too. We all see the team as the solid foundation of GOOS COMMUNICATION, supported by a stable network of partners. Our agency values, like a compass, provide us with a clear benchmark for our daily cooperation. It is noticeable that we are particularly distinguished by our diversity: We unite many different disciplines under one roof and score points with a strong and individual client orientation.

At the end of the workshop, one thing can be said: our ambitions could not be greater and our goals for the next few years are just waiting to be achieved!

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