Successful online strategy for Neptune Home

Campaign planning and implementation on various online platforms with the aim of increasing brand awareness in Germany

Task: Campaign planning and implementation on various online platforms, with the aim of increasing brand awareness in Germany.

Neptune Home is an English furniture manufacturer of premium furniture in the modern British country house style, which had only a low brand awareness in Germany. For this reason, we were commissioned. The goal: to increase brand awareness and customer frequency in the four stores (Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and at Tegernsee) with a comprehensive online strategy.

For this purpose, we have developed a comprehensive online strategy consisting of a balanced mix of push and pull measures. For the push measures, three campaigns run monthly on Instagram and Facebook. The campaign themes are either specific product groups (kitchen, dining, upholstered furniture) or image motifs on the British lifestyle, which serve to communicate the brand. The campaign themes are changed in the middle of each month. The Facebook tracking pixel provides Neptune Home with additional information that can be used to target the ads. Google is used for the pull measures. Here, campaigns in the same rhythm ensure that an omnipresent online representation of Neptune Home is achieved - and thus the brand becomes successively better known. Here, too, we use Google tracking pixel for an even more targeted approach to users.

Result: Since the start of the online measures, Neptune Home has been able to increase its sales by a high double-digit percentage. Even during the lockdown, there were no significant drops - because we ran precise campaigns for individual stores that were adapted to the current guidelines. The campaign "We are still open", with which we promoted the virtual customer advisory service, was particularly successful.

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