We are celebrating! 20 years of GOOS COMMUNICATION!

The Jägermeister machine is running, the bubbly is cold, the party hats are waiting to be used. There is something to celebrate - and not just today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but all year long! GOOS COMMUNICATION turns 20 years young. An anniversary that Florian Goos could not have dreamed of when he brought his first clients to the media from his Winterhude flat in 2003.

Success stories from Silicon Valley usually lead from the garage to the top of the world. In Germany, we are a little more modest: from a loft to an agency with more than 20 team members in permanent and freelance employment as well as a large network of experts, from a communications start-up to a permanent fixture in the industry - that is the success story that GOOS COMMUNICATION has written and which also fits much better with the equally down-to-earth and forward-looking nature of founder Florian Goos. His agency is growing steadily and organically while keeping an eye on current communication trends.

From a one-man show to a modern communications agency

In 2003, the world of communication was still different: Online publications were of little significance - press releases were still largely printed out and sent to journalists by post - and social media was in its infancy. In the furnishing industry, only a few top dogs were present on the market - until a new agency was founded in Hamburg-Winterhude: GOOS COMMUNICATION. Even then it was clear that Florian Goos was after more: "I always had the desire not to remain a one-man show, but to build a team and develop a company that has value - for the employees, the customers and the partners." This goal has long since been achieved: in the factory floor in Winterhude, where the agency has been at home since 2016, the team of GOOS COMMUNICATION now covers all fields of strategic communication, with modern structures and flexible working methods. And it's not so lonely for Florian Goos on the management board either: since 2018, he has shared the reins with Yvonne Deters - and thus has more time to look after his second hobbyhorse: the strategy consultancy The Wild Goose, which is a sensible addition to GOOS COMMUNICATION.

And so it goes on and on for GOOS COMMUNICATION - a healthy growing agency whose client base ranges from global corporations to start-ups. Our vision is: "We are the leading communication experts in the interior design industry!" That's what drives us and it's a goal that's not even that far off.

P.S.: By the way, don't worry: we won't be celebrating 365 days straight, but will be there for our clients as usual.

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