We are growing: a trio for the furnishing industry!

There is news to report in our anniversary year: Our business network is growing! After the founding of The Wild Goose, a new company, LEMAGO Consulting, is in the starting blocks. LEMAGO Consulting adds another service package to the network. The holistic communication (GOOS COMMUNICATION) and the visionary impulse generator for the entire furnishing sector (The Wild Goose) are now joined by a consulting company for all strategic processes that require a particularly trusting approach. Kirk Mangels, who is a former board member of the MHK Group, managing director of AMK - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Die Moderne Küche e.V. and editor-in-chief at markt intern Verlag, is a long-standing industry expert who comes on board as managing director.

Team Strategy Communication Vision
Kirk Mangels, Yvonne Deters and Florian Goos

"With LEMAGO Consulting, we are closing a gap in our range of services and expanding the business network's range of services in a targeted way," as Florian Goos says. While GOOS COMMUNICATION brings clients' stories to the media as a communications agency, The Wild Goose organises networking events and acts as an industry think tank. LEMAGO Consulting, on the other hand, focuses on strategy consulting: whether coaching, accompanying and implementing change processes, defining goals, developing concrete roadmaps for action. "We accompany companies, entrepreneurs and executives in developing and achieving their goals," says Kirk Mangels.

A logical step: a triad for the furnishing industry

The start-up is a logical next step for all those involved, also on a personal level: "I've known Florian Goos and Yvonne Deters for a long time," says Kirk Mangels, "and over the years it's been on and off that we'd like to set up something together - that moment has now arrived. Topics such as digitalisation, supply chains or sustainability are also constantly posing new challenges to the furnishing industry. Impulses from outside are the means to make companies fit for the future. This is where LEMAGO Consulting comes in - and complements the double of communication and industry network with consulting services. Our clients can benefit from the synergies that arise between the three companies. For example, GOOS COMMUNICATION can take over the external and internal communication in a change process. Or development potentials arise from the communication goals that are to be implemented in the company. And there are also overlaps in terms of the versatile competences of the new management constellation, for example when it comes to coaching: both Kirk Mangels and Yvonne Deters are trained coaches.

A strong trio of personalities

Kirk Mangels and Florian Goos will in future stand together as partners behind the three companies. The responsibilities, however, will remain the same: Yvonne Deters will continue to manage the operational business of GOOS COMMUNICATION. Florian Goos will accompany the interior design industry into the future with disruptive ideas in a network with other industry players. LEMAGO Consulting will run under the leadership of Kirk Mangels. "We are looking forward to working together and wish our new family member a good start in life" - this is not only said by the three managing directors, but also by the entire team of GOOS COMMUNICATION!

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