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What we do: Storytelling from the idea to the evaluation

Every company is different, every product has its own characteristics, every target group needs the right approach. Our services are therefore individually tailored to the company and its needs – so that every story is placed in an original and successful way where the customer is reached.

There are four stages on the way to the goal: strategy, content creation, distribution and evaluation. We advise on strategy, define goals and develop ideas on how to achieve these goals. We wrap the stories into attractive content packages and use the full creative spectrum. From storyboards for image films to classic press releases and social media campaigns. The content is then distributed according to the format. In the end, we evaluate how the campaign went and follow up if necessary.

GOOS COMMUNICATION has experts in all four areas who work with the client to put their communication on the right track.

Our workflow in detail

Strategic communications consulting

In strategic consulting, stories are identified and goals are defined. Is it about B2B or B2C communication? Should the brand be strengthened? Should a specific product be sold?

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Content Creation

Content creation raises (at least) three questions: Who is the target group? What is the format? Which channel is used to spread the content?

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Content Distribution

Content distribution is about placing your content on different platforms. By selecting the right channels, we reach your target group systematically, user-centred and effectively.

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Once we have implemented the communication concepts developed together with you, our work does not stop. Because as the sender of communication, we are very interested in what happens on the receiver's side.

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