Content Creation

Interesting content with added value

Content creation raises (at least) three questions: Who is the target group? What is the format? Which channel is used? According to the answers we create targeted and relevant corporate content for your company. Our focus is on the written word. We always think along with visual and audio content in content creation and implement it for you – either in-house or with strong partners from our network.

Blog posts

A good blog is the icing on the cake of your website. As an important means of communication in content marketing, blog posts provide the space for exploring relevant theme worlds alongside your company and products. Your target group appreciates this added value. We fill your blog with life and offer exciting stories on the pulse of time that contribute to customer loyalty and image building.

Texts for advertisements

Do you have a suitable advertisement motif that guarantees you the attention of your target group? What is still missing is a creative and effective advertising text. We write messages for you that arouse curiosity and convince your customers.


Good newsletters are a challenge: it is important to stand out from the flood of e-mails. You can achieve this with relevant and concise content that offers your target group real added value. Additional links and effective call-to-actions create traffic for your website and social media. We create newsletter content for you that is convincing at first glance and pays off in terms of customer loyalty.

Press releases

You want to communicate new products, company news and events to the relevant media? We compose effective press releases and bring your messages across to the target audience. With professional expertise and individualised press distribution lists, our press releases lead to the targeted publications. We happily support you as point of contact for the press even after the mailing has been sent.


Whether it is a company party, annual general meeting, opening of a trade fair or anniversary event – there are many occasions for speeches. But rhetoric has to be learned. In order for your audience to pay full attention to you from the first to the last minute, you need the right structure, the right words and the optimal length. As full-blooded copywriters, we design a target-group-specific speech with a strong impact.

Interview guides and Q&As

You have an interview appointment and are unsure about how to communicate what is important to you? You are expecting inquiries due to a press release and want to avoid critical reporting? We develop interview guidelines and Q&As for you and your employees so that you are prepared for exactly these cases. You will find the right entry, be prepared for objections and critical questions and be able to present the right arguments.

Specialist articles

Specialist articles are a discipline of PR and the appropriate format to focus on your expertise. Both B2B and end customers have confidence in companies that understand their business – and in your field, you are the expert. Whether it is product-specific or application-oriented special topics: we will create an article tailored to your target group that underlines your know-how. In this way you create added value and at the same time increase customer loyalty.

Social media content

Social networks provide one of the most effective ways to enter into an exchange with your target group. With the right mix of content marketing and social ads, you can increase the visibility of your company, gain reach and generate sales. With years of experience in the field of social media communication, we develop the right strategy and implement it for you – on the platforms and with the content that is just right for your company.

Corporate publishing

The dialogue with customers and partners needs high-quality content. With their own publications, companies not only strengthen their image, but also increase customer loyalty. Customer magazines, anniversary magazines, whitepapers and the like are just the right place for your stories. We offer you an all-round, worry-free package: starting with conception and initiation, through editorial planning, content creation and production, to advertising and content distribution.

Concepts for video and audio formats

Whether video or audio: For successful recordings, appropriate concepts and storylines are needed to guide the actors. We design clear schedules for you, based on the jointly developed idea. You will not only receive pure text from us, but also sketched scenes if required.