Content Distribution

Choosing the right channels for your content

Content distribution is about placing your content on different platforms: owned, earned and paid media. By selecting the right channels, we reach your target group systematically, user-centered and effectively. You do not have to be present everywhere – sometimes less is more. Together we define the platforms that are relevant for you and create strategic touchpoints with focused communication.

Press & public relations

Press work is where we have our roots: as a formerly classic PR agency, we know the press inside out. With unique knowledge of the industry, a wide network of press contacts and a database of over 750,000 journalists, editors and bloggers, we not only find the right addressees for your press releases. We also place your products and topics in specialist media, support you at press conferences and organise unique press events.

Media planning print

We support you in the cross-media planning of your advertising messages with an integrated view of digital and print. Thanks to our industry expertise, we maintain excellent contacts with the trade press in the fields of industry, carpentry/joinery, kitchen and architecture, as well as with the daily and business press. Due to the large number of clients we have supported, we have a strong standing in negotiations with publishers.

Media planning online

We also know the different formats in the online sector and their respective value for the business success of our customers. With banners and PR in newsletters or on the websites of various media, with social ads and Google ads, we cover all formats in both push and pull marketing. We always keep an eye on the latest developments and know where your budget is best spent.

E-Mail marketing

You want to reach a specific target group quickly, easily and regularly with suitable content? E-mails are the optimal channel to address selected people. The contact information that you once generated through targeted measures is used effectively in this way. We create powerful newsletters for you, which not only offer your (potential) customers and partners added value, but also convince them of your services.

Social media

We place your content on various social media platforms – effectively and target-group-specific. Thanks to our in-depth experience in the field of social media, we know what works well where and how you can achieve the goals of your communication strategies. A good structure using detailed editorial plans is complemented by the right degree of flexibility.


Your company website is the centre of your communication measures. Accordingly, the possibilities for disseminating content in a targeted manner are plentiful here. We design distribution concepts for complete websites or individual parts – so that measures are optimally coordinated, and your target groups find what they are looking for.